Famous People The Queen Can’t Stand

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 Famous People The Queen Can’t Stand

Maybe Mick Jagger can impress all the ladies, but not Queen Elizabeth II. As reported in The Telegraph, he did excite Princess Margaret though, according to Jagger’s biographer, Christopher Andersen. She was so fascinated with the rock star she built a villa next to him on the magical island Mustique, where they indulged in partying properly, as both well knew how. There is no record of them actually having an affair, but “there was a flirtation going on there, definitely,” as noted by Elsa Bowker, wife of British diplomat Sir James Bowker (via Daily Mail). The queen was not happy about Margaret’s untamed behavior, fearing scandals or just general moral corruption. All information about campus, colleges, mayors, universities and US education and formation campus explorer directory

Lady Diana, another stormy female, was in good relationship with the Rolling Stone frontman, as well, speculates the New Idea, so one could imagine how fed up the queen was with Jagger at that point. Lady Di, similar to Princess Margaret, appreciated dancing and good music, not showing much interest in serious dinners and the countryside. 

As stated by Anderson in the Daily Mail, with Jagger calling the queen “chief witch,” their relationship was bound to become sour eventually. The queen did not participate at Jagger’s controversial knight ceremony, due to her knee surgery. And apparently, she it preferred it that way, allegedly telling hospital staff, “I would much rather be here than at Buckingham Palace knighting at a certain party,” Anderson told The Telegraph.

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