Father of Alleged Highland Park Shooter Helped Son Buy Gun

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  Father of Alleged Highland Park Shooter Helped Son Buy Gun

Father of Alleged Highland Park Shooter Helped Son Buy Gun

The alleged Highland Park shooter appears to have slipped through the cracks that Congress recently tried patching up with new gun legislation … with his dad helping him to obtain a gun, even with a ton of warning signs he wasn’t fit to own one.

Authorities say Robert Crimo received help from his father in obtaining a gun permit in 2020, who allegedly sponsored his then 19-year-old son for a FOID (firearm owners identification) card, which he needed to buy the semi-automatic weapon, despite alarming incidents just months earlier.

Father of Alleged Highland Park Shooter Helped Son Buy Gun

Authorities revealed Tuesday that they’d had a couple run-ins with Crimo in 2019 — one in which he threatened to kill himself, and another where he threatened to kill his own family. Cops say the latter resulted in him having multiple weapons (knives) temporarily taken by law enforcement after his parents refused to press charges and Crimo told them he wasn’t a danger to himself and others.

Cops say Crimo was able to get his hands on the weapon used in Monday’s killing because there was technically no reason to deny him. No charges had been filed from the 2019 incidents — which might’ve otherwise barred him — and the only thing on his record in 2020 was a minor ordinance violation.

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Father of Alleged Highland Park Shooter Helped Son Buy Gun

Plus, he had his old man’s sign-off … nothing outwardly stood out, at least on paper, telling anyone not to treat him like anyone else. Of course, there have also been reports of his disturbing social media activity — which some say should’ve been caught and flagged, but wasn’t. Sadly, all of this seems to have led to a massive tragedy … leaving at least 7 dead and several others injured.

Crimo’s parents issued a statement, saying they empathized with everyone affected and that their thoughts and prayers were with the victims’ families.

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This exact type of scenario — where Crimo was able to legally purchase a weapon despite the past incidents — is one that a gun safety bill that President Biden just signed into law is supposed to address and fix.

The bipartisan effort significantly tightens up red flag laws and background checks for would-be gun buyers … and if mental health issues are found, it disqualifies that person. It seems the bill was too late though — Crimo apparently had this gun for a couple years before allegedly carrying out his act.

Father of Alleged Highland Park Shooter Helped Son Buy Gun

As we reported, Crimo was on the run for a bit in the immediate aftermath of the shooting … that is, until cops tracked him down and made an arrest. He faces 7 counts of first-degree murder and several other charges … Crimo is scheduled to appear in court this week.

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