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Festivals are great occasions for the entire family to get together and enjoy. If you are a stickler for famous festivals, here is a list of the most popular festivals around the world. If you find one happening near you, don’t think twice before booking your tickets for a smashing holiday with the family.

International Film Festival, Frances: Held in trendy Cannes ever year, this film festival is one place where you can be sure to meet all of your favorite actors, singers, performers, critics and even power brokers.

Held in May, the festival courses over a week with several star studded performances and there is no doubt that you will feel like being in the center of the world if you are here.


Oktoberfest, Germany: Celebrated in the small town of Munich, the Oktoberfest is the grand daddy of all beer festivals and attracts millions of locals and tourists every year. The festival flags off at the end of September in Theresienwiese and goes on for nearly two weeks before ending with a bang in early October. Besides just drinking beer all day, guests can enjoy several entertainment shows, live music concerts and a parade that take place throughout the two weeks.

Love Parade, Germany: Here’s a festival for all of you lovebirds out there. Celebrated since 1989, the Love Parade is held in Berlin and the Rurh area of Germany and attracts over a million visitors worldwide.

The streets of these cities are turned into one massive dance party with hordes of spectators and participants revelling in techno, trance and house music. Though there are occasional brawls, the festival is largely popular with the younger crowd and enables them to enjoy pure fun, plain European style.

Carnivale, Brazil: You would definitely not want to miss out on the biggest and most colorful festival in the entire world. Celebrated in Rio de Janerio, the Carnivale brings the entire country to life every February and March.

Dedicated to the samba schools in the city, the festival is a huge party with parades, extrvagant floats, lavish costumes, energetic samba dancers and infectious music.

Fringe Festival, Scotland: Held in Edinburgh, the Fringe Festivals beats its contemporaries at successfully being the biggest art festival in the entire world. With more than 200 art shows and exhibits that are held all over Edinburgh, the festival is celebrated over 3 weeks and is a big hit with art lovers around the world. The event is further spruced up by several musicals, comedy shows, operas and dance competitions. Vinos de Granada

Burning Man, U.S.A: Here’s another festival for art lovers around the world. Held in the middle of the Nevada desert every year, the Burning Man Festival is a one of a kind opportunity for people to show off their artistic creations and maybe some bizarre inventions.

Open to the general public as well, the festival is celebrated over one week with the final day being a show stopper with fireworks topped off with a giant burning statue. In addition to the artisitic and sometimes mundane exhibits, the festival also has several dance and music shows as entertainment.

Festival of San Fermin, Spain: Spain is very famous for its Tomato Festival. Another equally poplar festival in the country is the Festival of San Fermin which is held in Pampalona. Also called “running of the bulls”, the San Fermin Festival draws hordes of spectators and participants from around the world every July.

Basically a folk festival that is held to commemorate the patron saint of Pampolona, the event courses for an entire week which is filled with traditional folk dances, music and entertainment shows. The “running of the bulls” is held on the last day of the festival and the sight of huge bulls running loose on the streets with people fleeing to get out of their path is a sordid and yet spectacular sight to watch.

International Jazz Festival, Canada: Held in Montreal, the International Jazz Festival has stood ground as the biggest and best jazz festival in the entire world. Celebrated for two weeks in July, the festival turns the entire downtown area of Montreal into one giant stage and performers from around the world flock to the streets of the city to perform in front of over 250000 spectators.

Mardi gras, U.S.A: Starting off at the beginning of the Lent period, the Mardi Gras Festival takes the cake when it comes to over the roof festivities. Filled with masquerade balls, lavishly decorated floats and massive parades, the fesitval also includes the more lewd scenes of individuals falling from the balcony into the crowds below or baring their body in public.

Festivals Around the World

Festivals Around the World

Festivals are great occasions for the entire family to get together and enjoy. If you are a stickler for famous festivals, here is a list of the most popular f






Festivals Around the World
Festivals Around the World

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