Frozen Cocktails You Should Make This Summer

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  Frozen Cocktails You Should Make This Summer

While the strawberry daiquiri is a ubiquitous drink favored by bar newbies, I find it to be a refreshing standby that goes down easily and doesn’t try too hard. It also tastes good and has a modicum of nutritional value. Steven Willems, of, agrees, and told me that he recommends it. “The frozen strawberry daiquiri is a classic citrus flavored cocktail that does it every time.” 

For ingredients, he uses the standard: white rum, lime juice, syrup, strawberries, and of course ice. Since the set-up is so basic, you can make a perfect drink even if it’s your first rodeo. As for instructions? Willems says to, “Mix the white rum, the lime juice, the sugar syrup and six strawberries in a blender, then blend. Next, pour the frozen strawberry daiquiris into a cold cocktail glass. Garnish your frozen strawberry daiquiri with the last strawberry.”

Just be careful not to overdo the rum!

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