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Nature had created an abundance of various species inhabiting the earth. But, with time, a lot of them could not sustain the competitive environment.

Difficulties in acquiring food, inappropriate living conditions and the inability to bring up off-springs have largely contributed towards the extinction of a number of animal species. It is a well known fact that Africa is home to a large number of animals.

However, difficulty in propagating the species has resulted in the dwindling population of some animals. These are considered to be the endangered animals of Africa and very few of them are left in the African jungles.

Let’s have a look at some of these endangered animals of Africa.

The African Wild Ass


With a dwindling population of just over 100, the African Wild Ass has been considered to be one of the most endangered animals of Africa. This mammal looks like a horse but is much smaller than a horse. In fact, it is the smallest member of the horse family.

Found in various parts of Africa, this is considered to be endangered in the African countries of Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan. The African Wild Ass feeds on different types of grass and gives birth to one calf at a time. Poaching has posed one of the biggest threats to these animals.

The Addax

The Addax is another endangered animal in Africa that has a sparse population of a few hundred roaming around the African jungles. It is a large antelope that is distinguished by its spiral horns and the changing colour of its coat. The gray-brown coat of the Addax changes to a white colour during the summer season.

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Mainly a desert animal, this mammal can live without any source of water. It grazes on different types of plants found in deserts. The Addax is a favourite for the illegal hunters and poachers.

Many of them have been traded for their hides and flesh. Though, killing an Addax is a legal offence, efforts in protecting this specie of antelopes have failed and it is now listed as one of the most endangered animals of Africa.

Ethiopian Wolf

The danger of extinction looms large over the Ethiopian Wolf. It is one of the most endangered species of animals in Africa and the reasons for its meagre numbers are largely due to a loss of habitat. These animals love to roam around the open grasslands, hunting for their favourite meals. But the destruction of forests and the growth of agriculture have resulted in a steep decline in the Ethiopian Wolf population.

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Diseases like rabies are also widespread amongst these wolves and have caused the death of many Ethiopian Wolves. Different types of rodents such as grass rats and giant moles are preferred by the Ethiopian Wolves. But, at times they love to hunt in packs and gorge on hares, young antelopes and lambs.

Black Rhinoceros

The Black Rhinoceros faces extinction mainly due to the activities of poachers. It is mainly hunted for its black horn which is used for making ornamental dagger handles and is also considered to be a sign of wealth in many countries. The price of these horns have therefore, increased in the black market. SEO y posicionamiento SEO

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The black rhinoceros is herbivorous and feeds on small twigs and leaves. These solitary animals generally live alone and mix with others only for mating. The breeding period for these animals mainly consists of the rainy season and after giving birth to a calf, the mother keeps it with her for 3 years.

Striped Hyena

Striped Hyenas consist of some of the most well known predators. They eat almost all kinds of animals ranging from mammals to reptiles, insects, fruits and vegetables. The savannas, stony deserts and the thorny bushes of Africa form the perfect habitat for the striped hyena.

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But, its population is deteriorating in the African region due to loss of habitat. Moreover, these are also considered a threat to livestock and human lives. Often, striped hyenas are known to move out of the jungles in search of food and prey on livestock from the adjoining human habitats. This has led to killing and hunting of striped hyenas, affecting their numbers to a large extent.

African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog is a true hunter and is known to be a merciless killer. Packs of 15 or more wild dogs live together and hunt for prey. But, all groups are characterised by the presence of one dominant male and female member. Although, mating takes place between these two dominant members, all the others are responsible for taking care of the off-springs.

The African Wild Dogs have a bad reputation of preying upon livestock and due to this, many farmers have resorted to killing the dogs. Though, killing of African Wild Dogs are now prohibited due to their diminishing population, many have been shot dead by people who consider it to be a nuisance.

Mountain Zebra

The mountainous regions of south-western Africa are home to the Mountain Zebras. But, over the years, there has been a sharp decline in its number due to hunting. The zebras are herbivores and live in the caves or shaded areas during the cold winter months. For breeding, zebras form groups of up to five females and one male.

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This group remains constant for years until the dominant male zebra is overthrown in battle by a younger competitor. A single foal is given birth to after a gestation period of one year. Efforts are now being made to save and conserve the ever diminishing Mountain Zebra population.

Pygmy Chimpanzee

The Pygmy Chimpanzee is only found in the rainforests of Congo and closely resemble the chimpanzees, but is smaller than the chimpanzees. Unlike other species of apes, these chimpanzees prefer to live on trees and mainly have fruits and leaves. But, they also hunt smaller insects and mammals.

The body parts of the Pygmy chimpanzee are used for various religious rituals and this has resulted in its illegal hunting. Its meat is also in great demand. The destruction of rainforests has also resulted in the declining population of the Pygmy Chimpanzees.

Top 8 Endangered Animal Of Africa

Top 8 Endangered Animal Of Africa

Nature had created an abundance of various species inhabiting the earth. But, with time, a lot of them could not sustain the competitive environment.





Top 8 Endangered Animal Of Africa
Top 8 Endangered Animal Of Africa

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