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Glamis Castle, located in Angus, Scotland is the traditional seat of Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne and is also one of the finest castles in Scotland that is definitely worth a visit.

Glamis Castle is the family seat and childhood home of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who later became Queen Elizabeth,  consort of King George VI and then the Queen Mother of the present Queen Elizabeth.

This picturesque castle has over 1400 acres of grounds where they cultivate cash crops and do beef farming. The castle gardens are definitely worth looking over with its numerous walking trails, and they also have many rare and age-old trees.

The History

In 1372, King Robert II of Scotland gave the castle to Sir John Lyon and since then it has been the seat of the Earls of Strathmore for more than 600 years. Over the years, the castle has been a silent witness to many historical events, wars, battles, intrigue and murder.


King James V was a frequent visitor to Glamis Castle, where he loved to hunt in their castle grounds. His daughter the famous Mary Queen of Scots, also stayed at the castle for a week where she became friendly with the family.

The Strathmore family also made many changes to the original structure. The main keep of the castle dates back to the 14-century but the turrets and the tower were added later on when Mary, Queen of Scots visited the castle. In the 17th century, the castle was expanded a new west wing was added along with a small northeast wing which included a chapel. In the 18th century, the entire castle grounds were landscaped and the west wing was demolished and the east wing was remodeled. In 1910, the Queen Mother’s parents laid a lovely Italian garden in the castle grounds, which is what we see today.

Popular Legends

Many popular legends and myths have been associated with this castle. Shakespeare’s Great Tragedy of Macbeth, Macbeth murders King Duncan at the Glamis Castle. “Glamis thou art” “and yet woulds’t wrongly win: thou’dst have great Glamis” is an oft-repeated quote from Macbeth.

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History, of course proves that King Macbeth did not have any connection with the Glamis castle since it was built around 14th century. Another popular legend is that, the Sir John Lyon removed an ancient chalice from their seat at Forteviot, thus inviting a curse on their family.

One of the most popular legends of Glamis castle is the story of ‘Earl Beardie’ who lost his soul to the devil. The identity of ‘Earl Beardie’ is still subject to debate. Some sources believe him to be Alexander Lyon, 2nd Lord Glamis, while some identify Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford as the right one. There are also many versions of the story but the most popular one is that the earl wanted to play cards but his guests refused to play.

Some say, that a servant tried to stop him from playing cards since it was Sabbath but the adamant earl refused to stop and said that he would play until it was doomsday. Then all of a sudden, a stranger arrives at the castle to plays cards with the earl. The stranger is often identified to be the ‘devil’ himself, who came to claim the earl’s soul. Some versions however say that the ‘devil’ condemned the earl to play cards until the doomsday. The room where, the earl and the devil played cards is supposed to be one of the secret rooms of the castle!

Glamis castle is said to have many secret rooms that are still not discovered! According to legends, once towels were hung out every window in the castle but only one window did not have the towel, which was supposed to be the secret room. Many believe that the secret room houses a monster that has been living in the castle for many years. There is also the legend about the eleventh earl’s first son who was born deformed hence was hidden away in the secret room. According to some stories, the boy grows up in the secret room and eventually becomes a monster!


Ghosts are an integral part of any castle history. Glamis castle does have many ghosts who have been seen by many people. Lady Glamis also know as the ‘Grey Lady’ haunts the castle for centuries. Lady Janet Douglas was first married to John Lyon who was the sixth lord of Glamis Castle. Lady Douglas’s brother Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus was the stepfather of James V who later became the King. Angus had imprisoned his stepson when he was young.

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And naturally, later when he became the king, he sought revenge. Angus and his brother escaped the wrath of the king by going into exile, so the King imprisoned their sister Lady Janet Douglas on trumped charges of being a witch. She was kept imprisoned in a dark dungeon and then she was burnt on stakes in 1537. Many have seen the ghost of Lady Janet gliding through the castle grounds and recently she was also spotted on the clock tower. At the castle chapel, a seat is always reserved for the Grey lady and no one is allowed to sit in it.

The castle is also haunted by the ghost of a small Negro servant boy who is often seen sitting on stone seat outside the Queen Mother’s sitting room. There is also a ghost of a mysterious woman with no tongue who is said to haunt the castle grounds. She was seen running through the lawn pointing her mutilated face, by many guests.

Sir David Bowes-Lyon the brother of Queen mother, who was once strolling on the lawn, saw a young girl standing by one of the windows of the castle. When he tried to talk to her, she disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

Castle Tours

The castle is open for tours all through the year and many outdoor events are conducted every year. The annual Strathmore Highland Games is hosted in the castle grounds every year in June and the Transport Extravaganza in July. One of the most popular annual event conducted here is the Scotland’s Countryside Festival, in September and also the Halloween event. The castle can also be rented for weddings, receptions and other outdoor events.

Visit To Glamis Castle

Visit To Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle, located in Angus, Scotland is the traditional seat of Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne and is also one of the finest castles in Scotland that is





Visit To Glamis Castle
Visit To Glamis Castle

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