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Pregnancy is essentially a nine month emotional wheel and feelings can range from excitement of the new entry to the trauma and issues related to delivery. But guys she’s pregnant!! So you need to give her something to mark the beginning of the new milestone in her life.

Well of course she may be happy with a bouquet of flowers, a dinner and so on but it would be really special if you could get her something that she would surely love and keep it close to her heart. She would be undergoing a whole load of body changes,hormonal changes and well she might be really worried about the weight she puts on which might emotionally affect her when she looks at herself in the mirror. So it would be very advisable if you could help her feel relaxed and boost her confidence up and help her to be optimistic about the new arrival in the family.


New mothers need to be supported and pampered since the pregnancy phase can become very stressful to handle. So by getting gifts you can change her mental state and well what’s wrong in getting her stuff that would be useful to her once the baby is born. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that you can get her things that would be useful for the baby but she would also be interested to get something that would make her happy. You and your family members need to realize this fact and ensure that you get her specifically something that would make her feel important and special.

Here are a few special things that can be gifted to her which would definitely make her happy and only she can love. You could always provide her with information and knowledge on pregnancy .In this way you can show that you also care about her and excited about the new life that is going to enter into your family. You can also show pictures of the baby in the womb at different stages and explain to her about the week by week developments that take place. And both of you can suggest and decide on the names, with the baby name book that are available in the stores.

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Another wonderful idea would be take pictures of her during the 9 months and compile it into an album. This would be such a special gift to her. She would usually keep a diary to record her feelings but a camera and a photo album with her pictures in it, she definitely wouldn’t have thought about it.

As she begins to gain weight and lose her perfect figure she could get emotionally affected with the large protruding belly when she has a look at herself in the mirror. So try to get her some sparkling jewelry say like a pair of ear rings that would make her face look bright. Or you can also buy her a strong flexible hair band to hold her hair in place so that she doesn’t have to strain much to put her hair into place every morning. Blog de divulgación científica

Yet another brilliant idea would be to get her some gift certificates. This would enable her to get out of house and do some shopping. She could either get things for her baby or get her things that no one would have given her so far. It is completely her choice and this would also indirectly give her some exercise and also divert her mind for some time. By visiting shops she could also see the wonderful things that are there for to be mums and the babies and well who knows she might really be happy about being pregnant.

For the dads out there this would be a very useful suggestion. Hire a decorator who could work with her to decorate the baby’s nursery. She can suggest how the interior needs to be designed and what furniture would suit the best for the nursery. Instead of a decorator coming in and doing it, you could also request you family members to help her with this stuff. This is something that would make her really happy since she gets to spend time with her family members as well as get the room ready for her baby that is in accordance with her taste and choice.

Well in case this is her second child then you could offer to baby sit the elder one for some time. This would give her some time for herself completely where in she could do anything she wants even if it is just sleeping! Surely she would appreciate if you could do some arrangement like that.

Expecting mums need to be pampered to the core. And the best suggestion would be to give her some time to spend in the beauty salon. It need not need a spa treatment, a simple pedicure or manicure would suffice. Even better ask her to get a new hair cut that could make feel different and beautiful. There are many hair salons who offer various kinds of cuts for expectant mums. This would surely make her to have some time off for herself which she would have been wanting so badly.

Another brilliant idea which might not be appreciated by some guys is that you can take the responsibility of cooking meals at least for an evening. You need not be worried and particular that you are required to prepare her favorites but at least something that is edible and tasty. She would really be overwhelmed by this gesture of yours since she would find it really relaxing to get some time off from the kitchen. Well guys please consider this suggestion, it really works!

To conclude, it takes only these small little things to help her feel relaxed and remain at peace and only these small gestures will emotionally make her strong and give her the sense of security that you are always there to protect her at any instant of time.

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Gifts For Newly Expectant Mothers

Gifts For Newly Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy is essentially a nine month emotional wheel and feelings can range from excitement of the new entry to the trauma and issues related to delivery. But





Gifts For Newly Expectant Mothers
Gifts For Newly Expectant Mothers

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