Helpful Tips For Toilet Training Toddlers




Diapers have made the life of the modern mother very easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is make your kid wear diaper and relax for the next 6 -8 hours. But have you ever wondered what our mothers and their mothers did before diaper was invented? The answer is simple. They started toilet training early for their kids.
Diaper should not be used frequently to make your job easier. Diapers are not only uncomfortable but are also the seat of various germs and bacteria. Many kids develop rashes on their skin because of wearing diapers most of the times. Of course there are times when you cannot do without the use of diapers but you must limit the use of diapers to three of four times per month. Use of diapers in infants and toddlers is also associated with formation of bow-shaped legs.


It is important to start toilet training the kids early on so that you can minimize the use of diapers. Yes, this requires time and effort but the sooner you train them the sooner they will be able to take care of their visits to the toilet without your assistance.This might come as a surprise to some mothers but toilet training can be started in babies as young as three months.

In a few cultures toilet training is begun as soon as the baby turns one month. The process of toilet training a baby is continuous till the baby reaches three years of age. If you aren’t comfortable with training your child at three months then begin training your child when he/she turns six months old. Begin the training of your baby by first familiarizing yourself with your baby’s toilet habits.

Many times you can get indication that your baby is going to pee or poop by observing the baby’s body language and facial expressions. Some babies are also in the habit of urinating or excreting within a time period. Babies are known to produce gurgling and cooing sounds if he/she feels uncomfortable in the stomach and is about to poop. Newborns generally pee after every feeding session. Some might even start crying due to the sensation of peeing. Majority of the infants will pee as soon as they get up.

An observant mother should watch out for all these signs. As soon as you notice any of these signs immediately take your child to the toilet (you can buy children’s potty training seats as well). Encourage your child to relieve himself/herself by making sounds of ‘ssssss’ like that of running water or an open tap. In fact you can even turn on the faucet in the wash basin for a few seconds. If you turn this into a regular habit the baby will associate this with the process of peeing. Your job will be easier now. Every time you have to take the baby out simply encourage the baby to pee and forget about the baby wetting herself for at least an hour and a half.

Make your child familiar with the toilet in your house and the toilet seat. Bring the baby to the toilet and make him/her seat on the toilet seat for a couple of minutes. Do this daily three to four times. The baby will recognize and associate the place where he/she can easily relive himself/herself. Once the baby gets familiar with the place he/she will stop wetting the clothes and will probably cry or make strange sounds to let you know that he/she wants to use the toilet. Fulares para bebés

When you toilet train your baby early the baby learns to control the urges of the body and is in full control of the bladder by the time he/she reaches the age of two years. However, it is much easier for this young a child to control the urge to poop than the urge to pee. Hence some kids become potty trained within the first year of their birth. An older child will need to be trained with more patience because he/she will have set a pattern for their toilet habits. Breaking these habits can be pretty traumatic for a young child.

Mostly, they will not understand what’s going on and some will even react by becoming constipated. They will do everything to avoid going to the toilet as per your training. Some might even resort to dirtying their clothes to show their rebellion. You must handle the situation delicately and not show your anger or you will discourage the child. Scolding the child will not help you much. But keep up the training sessions and sooner or later your baby will become familiarized with the pattern and start following it.

However, any negative emotion on your part will only take the child two steps backward. So as a mother you too need to be prepared to handle the difficult situations that might come your way when you begin toilet training your child. To deal with the problem of constipation in babies who are being toilet trained make use of raisins. A handful of raisins every day will provide fiber to the child and prevent constipation. When you first begin toilet training your baby you will require plenty of patience and time.

The child will not learn if you scold him/her or show your impatience. In fact the child will become afraid of the toilet training sessions and might even become constipated deliberately. Never scold the child or punish him/her if they wet or soil their clothes. It’s a part of learning and every child and mother goes through this phase. So teach the child with patience and loving care. Encourage your child at every step. Don’t be disheartened if the child does not pick up the tricks during the first months. Remember, your child is too young to understand what is going on. As a mother you need to learn to never give up on your baby. And if you are toilet training an older child then you’ll require more time and patience because for older children it can be pretty difficult to break their old toilet habits.

Helpful Tips For Toilet Training Toddlers

Helpful Tips For Toilet Training Toddlers

Diapers have made the life of the modern mother very easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is make your kid wear diaper and relax for the next 6 -8 hours. B





Helpful Tips For Toilet Training Toddlers
Helpful Tips For Toilet Training Toddlers

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