Tips For Safe Travel During Pregnancy




Pregnancy is a very enjoyable, yet delicate time in a woman’s life. Not only does she have to be responsible for her own well being, she has to be extra cautious for the well being of her growing child. This is something every woman, before getting pregnant, and during the pregnancy should absolutely understand and follow.

This is why there are a lot of things you can’t do while being pregnant, and some things that you can do, you have to take certain safety measures for. For example, traveling. Well it may be the case that you just can’t working even during pregnancy, as such you must travel to different places. In that case you need to take a lot of precautions because traveling during pregnancy can be a very tricky business. In addition to that your precautions are always dependent on your mode of traveling, be it by road, railroad, plane, or even ship.


Traveling by Road

Unless it is a fairly long distance, do not travel by road. It is generally stressful on your back. The safest time to travel by road is between your 14 and 28 week. Doctors advise that the second trimester is the best time for traveling, that is of course if you must. Road travel can be fairly hard on you, especially if the roads you are driving on are not very smooth. Make sure that you are not in the drivers seat. It is not safe to drive, because driving is fairly stressful and requires a fair amount of concentration. Recline your seat back and be as comfortable as you can. Always wear your seat belt! But make sure the strap goes below your abdomen. It should not go across the tummy.

Stop once every two hours or less if you need to frequently visit the bathroom. On every stop make sure to stretch your body, walk around a little just so your legs don’t get over tired from just sitting. Never try to rush a road trip, especially during pregnancy. You need to be comfortable because that is the most important thing. You should also carry your medical records and all the medications that you may require, after consulting your doctor. Keep drinking water; however not too much because you do not want to feel uncomfortable with a lot of water in your tummy. Eat healthy food in small quantities but frequently. This will be good for your digestion. Stay off food products that may cause you gastrointestinal predicaments.

Train Travel

A lot of women can get motion sickness through train travel because a lot of the times the trains slightly sway, due to their speeds. In this case you can slowly walk around your cabin to stay in motion. Make sure you have a firm grip on things, just in case the turn gives some unexpected jerks. Injury is something you should try to get as far from as possible. Eat only well cooked meals. Train journeys are usually only a few hours; however nonetheless during pregnancy even a few hours are enough to fall ill and that is something you should avoid at all costs. Todo sobre toldos

If you want to rest, rest on your back and keep your hands slightly above your abdomen. You need to ensure the correct flow of blood while resting because numbness can be very discomforting. Take the necessary medications along. Keep yourself hydrated but not to the point that it would make you feel nauseous.

Traveling by Sea

You must avoid this at all costs. Unless you are planning to spend a vacation via a cruise, traveling by sea is a very bad idea. It can cause you seasickness, terrible motion sickness and other related issues. Not to mention that a lot of women feel terrified after seeing nothing but sea around them for hundreds of miles.

If you are; however on a vacation then take the necessary medications along. Try to avoid going to the lower decks of the ship as there is a lot more motion there than above. You must not, at any costs, engage in any water activities such as scuba diving, swimming etc… Relax and enjoy yourself by being lazy. Talk long leisure walks and eat healthy well-cooked food. You should try to pamper yourself and not exert.

Air Travel

This is the trickiest of all ways to travel because there is a lot involved in traveling by air. Flying at 30~40,000 feet in the air can be harmful because of all the x-rays and other potentially harmful waves that cross you and your body. Not to mention to stress of turbulence, taking off, and landing that most likely happens in almost all flights these days. In addition to all of this the airlines that you are traveling by can create hurdles in the way of you traveling, as they do not want you to sue them in case of an emergency. As such it is best for you to get along a letter signed by your doctor specifying the date of your delivery.

In addition to that make sure you have an insurance plan that covers you and your newborn baby. Traveling during your second trimester is the safest because you are too far away from a premature delivery. However precautions still must be taken. Do not sit through the entire flight. Walk around when the seat belt signs are turned off. Eat smaller amounts frequently to avoid indigestion. Avoid aerated drinks at all costs. Drink either juice or water.

Traveling during pregnancy can be a tricky business; however if you have a fairly healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy then there is no reason why you cannot travel. Just make sure you clarify everything with your doctor prior to traveling, as you do not want to risk anything during your journey. Avoid traveling to high altitude places, but if you do, take it easy and slowly get acclimatized to the place first. You should enjoy your pregnancy and you should enjoy traveling; however do so safely.

Tips For Safe Travel During Pregnancy

Tips For Safe Travel During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very enjoyable, yet delicate time in a woman’s life. Not only does she have to be responsible for her own well being, she has to be extra caut





Tips For Safe Travel During Pregnancy
Tips For Safe Travel During Pregnancy

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