Hidden Hobbies You Didn’t Know The Royal Family Had

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  Hidden Hobbies You Didn’t Know The Royal Family Had

While Prince Charles has had quite a few hobbies, like writing children books and watercolors, his real passion is gardening. He manages the gardens at his private residence, Highgrove House. Charles is known for loving the environment, and it seems that his affection for horticulture began at a young age.

On a British radio show, “The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed,” the prince talked about his time as a child spent in the garden with his sister, Princess Anne (via People). He shared that the two of them had a small vegetable garden and had a great time growing all different kinds of vegetables, including tomatoes. Prince Charles also acknowledged the value of eating the food you grow and said that he believes “it is so important to find ways of encouraging children to grow vegetables and things at school.”

During the interview, which took place at Charles’ Welsh home, Llwynywermod, he told host Simon Armitage that he had acquired the land in Wales back in 2008 and spent weekends and any other spare time he had to bring the grounds back to life by planning and pruning trees and planting flowers. Charles further revealed that he wished he was more hands-on when gardening at the property, but due to not having enough time and a bad back, it’s just not possible. However, he said it’s a “labor of love” for him. 

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