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The travel and tourism industry is on a very different level in the present day. There has been an immense development in this area and with the much-needed advancement in the modes of transportation; people have taken a lot of interest in travelling the entire world. The previous notion that it is a very big world and seeing every part of it is next to impossible is no more valid.

Earlier, the regions of the world, which were considered remote and inaccessible, are all major tourist destinations now. The continent of Africa is one such place which until recently was a mystic place for the world. However, the scenario is very different today. Some of the most sought after destinations are all in here and it is a visitor’s paradise. The country of Kenya with its rich cultural legacy and wildlife reserves and much more, is on everyone’s front cards. Kakamega, famous for the wildlife reserve is a necessary stop for travellers.


Know the Sights and Sounds of Kakamega

It is a city located on the Western Coast of Kenya and is just like any other Kenyan town with colorful and gutsy people and folklore. The majorities of the people belongs to the Luhya tribe and do farming and fishing to earn their daily bread and sustain a living. It is comparatively a very small town. It was the center of the gold rush in Kenya in the 1930s. Univocally, the major attraction is the Kakamega forest, which the city is named after.

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These forests are believed to be the only existing Gunio-Congolian rainforests in the continent. Thus, it is held in high regard among the locals and the tourists alike. The amazing variety of wildlife and flora that the rainforests have is awe striking. There are two famous wildlife reserves, the Kakamega national reserve and the Kisere forest reserve in the northern part of the forests.

One creature that is found in plenty in these forests is the world’s largest African cobra. These are very majestic and fierce reptiles. Other common snakes include the black and green Mambas. When visiting Kakamega be aware, you might find one right in your backyard!

An overview of the Available Accommodation Options

Kakamega is well connected to major Kenyan cities by road. You can get here by a car or the buses that ply on a regular basis from Lake Victoria or Kisumu. There are several good hotels and luxury lodges as well as budget hotels available. A brief discussion about a few is as under.

Rondo Retreat Center is one of the best hotels in the city. Actually, it is not even in the city. Located in the woods, this boutique property is a very popular option. One thing that might bug a few travellers who are fond of alcoholic drinks is that the hotel does not sell any alcohol. Since it is run by a Christian community and houses a chapel in the premises, alcoholic drinks are not sold. However, the good part is that it can be brought into the hotel from outside.

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Another hot favorite among the tourists is the Golf hotel. It a 3-star property and provides excellent services. There are over 60 standard good rooms and the most liked are the two suites, which have world class facilities. The décor is no doubt very welcoming. A touch of  Africa can be seen in the rooms as well as the food served in the restaurant.

Of the many attractions, a nine hole golf course and pool are definite picks by the travellers. Though the rooms can be a little costly in the peak tourist season, it is surely a very good value for money.

The Kakamega Forest Accommodation is another option that you have. It is a very well maintained and classy property. It has a special guesthouse in the local Lsukha tribal style and has around 10 chalets. You can also camp out in the wild without the fear of being attacked by animals in the dark of the night as there is strict security around these camping sites.

Hotels in Kakamega, Kenya

Hotels in Kakamega, Kenya

The travel and tourism industry is on a very different level in the present day. There has been an immense development in this area and with the much-needed ad





Hotels in Kakamega, Kenya
Hotels in Kakamega, Kenya

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