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Kenya is one of the most important and prominent countries in Africa. Due to the immense cultural and ethnic diversity found there, it is a favorite vacation destination for travellers from all over the world.

Owning to its strategic location near the Indian Ocean, it has a rich collection of pristine beaches. The ethno-cultural blend in the country can be seen in the local cuisine, the folk songs, dances, and the architecture. To experience all that this country has to offer, one trip is often not enough.

A Sneak-Peak of this Rich Land

We have an idea about the country as a whole but once we plan a trip, we need to know about the most famous cities and tourist hotspots in a little more detail. One such city is the city of Melinde or as we now know, Malindi. It is a coastal town and attracts thousands of tourists every year.


Malindi is located at the outlet of the Galana River in the Malindi bay. Apart from the picturesque beaches, there are many more attributes to this city. It serves as a major sea and airport and has the Malindi marine national parks. The local people are majorly Muslims or the Swahili people. The architecture is greatly influenced by the Portuguese who colonized the town.

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The old world, Portuguese homes and twisting alleys and streets give a very different feeling, especially because it comes from a hardcore African town. In spite of this western influence, the African taste is very vivid in all things. The city has many good nightclubs and bars where the parties start in the darkest hour of the night and continue well into the morning hours. This is very popular among the local youth and definitely all tourists. The songs and the folk culture is much liked.

Once in Malindi select your abode in style

It is very easy to get to Malindi. The city has a good system of transportation to make your stay convenient. A number of good and dainty hotels and other classic resorts exist. Depending on your budget and taste, you can pick up the best for you.

The Turtle Bay Beach Club is definitely a must see while you search for the best places to see. It has a very high ranking and is liked extensively. It a very good family hotel and has received much critical acclamation over the years. It is located in close vicinity of the Watamu National park and has over 100 acres of land.


There are around 89 super clubrooms and 40 Lomo rooms, which are Swahili style hideouts. The 2 suites and 14 sea-facing rooms are a favorite. The resort also includes many safaris, which are the biggest attractions. From bird safaris to tribal community portals, there is something for everyone.

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Then there is the Woburn, which is one of the most famous hotels in the city. Rendering to its high-end facilities and architecture, the Woburn Residence Club is a unique spot in Malindi. Located in the East coast, this boutique properly redefines the meaning of style and grandeur. There are large and spacious rooms strewn in the huge property, which is interspaced by pools. The rooms are predominantly of the English style and give a very sleek appearance to the surrounding.

Apart from these seven star retreats, there are many budget hotels like the Mwamba Centre, Kenga Giama resort, Scorpio Villas, Coral Key Beach resort and many more. They are well equipped with all the basic amenities as well as have specialty retreats.
So what are you waiting for? Open a travel brochure and plan a trip to this wonderland the next time. You would have an experience of a lifetime.

Hotels In Malindi, Kenya

Hotels In Malindi, Kenya

Kenya is one of the most important and prominent countries in Africa. Due to the immense cultural and ethnic diversity found there, it is a favorite vacation d





Hotels In Malindi, Kenya
Hotels In Malindi, Kenya

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