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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.  This is a very familiar phrase, and it makes perfect sense.  What would life be like without fun?  Is it worth living? Definitely not.

In this competitive world, life is tiresome, overwhelming, stressful and monotonous. The normal rat race from Monday – Friday, can be potentially harmful to our social as well as family life. Travelling on vacations is the real feel good remedy. Exploring new horizons, seeing the majestic beauty of this planet is a phenomenon, which cannot be described in mere words.

The beauty of Simon’s town in South Africa is one of the best creations of this planet. It has infinite geographical knowledge, not to mention the breathtaking scenic beauty.


Simon’s Town: A Walkthrough

 South Africa, located at the southern tip of Africa is multi ethnic and is diverse in terms of cultures and languages. Two significant languages are of European origin. However, there are eleven official languages. South Africa also contains of a lot of archaeological knowledge as it contains some of the oldest human fossil sites in the world. Simon’s Town is unique in itself; it is the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

It is a standing out port of maritime trade between the East and the west. The two good anchorages Table Bay and Simon’s Bay are literally heavens for shipping. However, with the increase of shipping Table Bay in all seasons of the year are increasing in numbers of incidences of shipwrecks.

The name Simon’s bay has quite a history. Governor Simon van der Stel in 1687 had made a personal survey of False Bay. He concluded and recommended Simon’s Bay as safe shelter winter anchorage. However, in the year 1741, after consequent shipwrecks in the region of the Table Bay the Dutch East India Company decided their vessels to be anchored in Simon’s Bay from May through August.

The development of the settlement, Simon’s Vlek was slow as the access overland to Cape Town was next to impossible. Simon’s Town as its contemporary name grew rapidly with the establishment of the Royal Naval Base after the second British domination in the year 1806. Fotos Porno y actrices porno

Napolean Bonaparte became the caretaker or rather the responsible for the Simon’s Town Naval Base during the 19th century. He was exiled to St. Helena Island until his death. Simon’s town has attracted many new residents with quite a building boom, without destroying the historical and cultural appeal of the old town making it a unique sightseeing ground for tourists.

A Magnifying Guide of The Best Hotels

 The best holiday hotels in Simon’s Town, South Africa are in varied choices. Visitors have a choice of accommodations, Lodges, guesthouses and self-catering as well. Staying in Simon’s Town is a total different experience for tourists.

Boulder Beach Lodge & Restaurant is situated close to the world’s most famous Boulders reach African Penguin colony; it is just 70 meters away. The Lodge has a spectacular view over False Bay.

It is tranquil and peaceful in a unique surrounding .The internationally travelled chefs provide a fusion of international cuisine with the local palate influencing it and create exquisite dishes.

Avian Leisure is a luxury hotel consisting of two spacious and modern apartments with own private entrances in a natural setting. It is on the hillside which overlooks the Falls Bay, the shearwater are extremely spacious with great outdoors. Over in all it is a great value for money.

Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel offers superior accommodation in a spectacular setting. Its modern shopping and dining facilities makes it an outstanding accommodation with all the comforts a tourist would look out for.

The list of hotels or rather holiday accommodations goes on and on. However, one thing is for granted for the tourist. The breathtaking beauty and tranquility with all the modern facilities will edge a memory never to be forgotten.

Hotels In Simon

Hotels In Simon's Town, South Africa

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.  This is a very familiar phrase, and it makes perfect sense.  What would life be like without fun?  Is it w





Hotels In Simon
Hotels In Simon

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