How Early Can You Put A Baby In A Swimming Pool




Now that you have started enjoying motherhood head on, you must be looking at ways to help your baby grow and develop skills in him. You must have heard about water babies many a time and would be dying to put him in the pool yourself. But is he the right age for a swimming lesson?

Would you be putting him at risk of catching infections which could even be life threatening?  These are doubts that many mothers have about swimming pools and their safety. Most parents who enjoy swimming would want to introduce their babies too into the pool as early as possible.

This will help them pursue their interests as well while the baby is with them. But many newborns fall sick as they do not have the resistance to fight the germs effectively when they are small. Read on to find out more about swimming pool safety and precautions to be taken when you put your baby in the pool.


Babies Are More Susceptible To Infections

Being used to the protective environment in a mother’s womb, most babies are just not yet ready for fighting diseases and infections. Therefore putting a new born in the pool is not a good idea after all. Swimming pools are mostly contaminated with bacteria and germs as many people use them at the same time. Your baby is too small to fight these germs and could fall seriously ill if not careful. It is therefore advised to wait at least two months before you can introduce your baby to the pool.

Let Him Have His First Immunisation

Infants mostly have their first immunisation scheduled by about two months after their birth. According to many experts, it is a good idea to wait until the first immunisation schedule is over so that you can ensure him some safety before he is into the water. Babies who have not had their first immunisation as yet must be kept away from a swimming pool and its vicinity due to the amount of bacteria that could be present there.

Benefits Of Swimming Early

Once your baby is well after 2 months, you can slowly introduce her to the pool. There are many benefits for the mother as well as the baby when they swim. For the baby, the fear of water can be removed when introduced to the swimming pool at an early age. Apart from that, introducing your baby to a swimming pool at an early age will allow him to learn swimming faster and better than his peers.

For the mother, this is the best exercise that can help her get back in shape. Swimming being a light exercise will help in toning the body gently without exerting too much pressure on your already frayed body which still needs rest.

Temperature Control

The temperature of the water must be given great importance while you put your baby in the swimming pool. Newborns cannot regulate their body temperature until the age of six months and some cannot regulate it until they are one. Pool water should never be cold when you put your baby inside. This will be too cold for him and he may not able to tolerate it. Películas en excelente calidad Full HD

The ideal temperature of a swimming pool when you introduce a baby to the pool is around 86 degrees. Any temperature that is below that can make your baby feel cold and sometimes send him to bouts of shivering as the body has become too cold. If this is the case, pull him out of the pool immediately and wrap him up in a warm towel.

Newborns and children who are less than five years must never be put in a hot tub. The tub water might prove to be too hot for the baby and could over heat his body resulting in dangerous consequences.

Safety Precautions

There are many precautions that have to be taken while you put your baby in the swimming pool. You must never leave the grip on your baby while you put him in the pool. Even if your baby is in an inflatable baby floater or is wearing a life jacket, you must not at any time leave him unattended. Things can suddenly go wrong. The floated can burst and the baby can topple and fall. These may not be incidents that happen on a daily basis, but they are however incidents that can happen anytime nevertheless.

Precautions Against Infections and Diseases

Make sure that your baby is on a sunscreen if he has crossed six months when he is in the pool. This will protect him from the sun’s harmful rays. For smaller babies, a full sleeved dress can be worn along with a comfortable hat that can prevent direct exposure to the sun.

At all times when a baby is in the pool, make sure that he has an absorbent swim diaper on. This will prevent the germs from entering the baby’s genital areas and cause him infections that can be unfortunate. Swim diapers will help keep the contaminated water at bay and prevent infections. You must also ensure that his mouth never touches the water in the pool. Allow the head to remain way above the water to prevent germs from entering his mouth.

As soon as the baby is out of the water, ensure that you give him a good bath to prevent any irritation on the skin due to the chlorine in the water and also to remove and disease causing germs from his body. Ear infections are very common among children who use swimming pools. Ensure that the baby’s ears are completely wiped dry after his episode in the pool.

Water Activities For The Baby

When your baby is in the pool, you can get him excited by rotating him and encouraging him to kick the water or allow him to play with a floating ball and so on. These activities will keep him happy and wanting for more. Slowly but surely, he will get adjusted to the water and become a water baby that you wanted him to be!

How Early Can You Put A Baby In A Swimming Pool

How Early Can You Put A Baby In A Swimming Pool

Now that you have started enjoying motherhood head on, you must be looking at ways to help your baby grow and develop skills in him. You must have heard about





How Early Can You Put A Baby In A Swimming Pool
How Early Can You Put A Baby In A Swimming Pool

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