How Is The Fetus Affected By Alcohol




Every woman must know the importance of abstaining from bad habits like drinking and smoking while they are pregnant. Many modern women do not take things seriously and hence put their babies at serious risks, even creating chronic conditions that can sometimes be very unfortunate.

If you are pregnant and have not made an effort to stop drinking, let’s sit together and asses your conditions and help you understand the complications that you can put your foetus into, if you don’t stop immediately. The first and foremost thing all pregnant women must understand is that alcohol consumption, even in smaller quantities should not be undertaken under any circumstance.


Below are certain facts that you must be aware of while consuming alcohol while you are pregnant.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Foetal alcohol syndrome appears in babies who have been exposed to the bad effects of alcohol as their mothers continued to drink while they are pregnant. Lifelong conditions that affect the proper function of the nerves and physical deformities are almost imminent when you consume alcohol during pregnancy.

A baby with foetal alcohol syndrome will develop deformities of the face like small eyes, small and under developed head, cheekbones that are flat and also a groove between the nose and the lips. It can also lead to retardation of some sort, sleep and heart disorders, deformities of hands and legs, low birth weight and mental and emotional problems along with extreme nervousness and hyperactivity. I am sure these are reasons enough that you will consider for stopping your consumption.

Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND)

A baby with ARND will have been exposed to alcohol while he is in the womb. These babies are unfortunate that they did not have mothers who did not put their welfare in front and enjoyed their lives to the fullest without thinking about the repercussions. Mental and functional disorders in the baby arise due to such untoward behaviour of the mother. Once he starts attending school, more problems surface in the form of difficulty in learning, poor memory, concentration problems and poor control of impulses.

It’s only natural that the mother starts harassing the child up as she cannot tolerate his poor concentration and related issues. If only she would have known that it is her impulsive acts that have led to her son being poor all round. If you do not want your child to face learning difficulties in life, please, do take care of your drinking problem while you are pregnant.

Breast feeding can Transfer Alcohol to The Baby

After all the drinking you have been doing while pregnant, you have continued to damage the baby’s development by drinking while you breastfeed. Women who drink uncontrollably while they breastfeed can make the baby very drowsy. Unfortunately this drowsiness could go unnoticed due to the fact that most babies sleep for 18 hours or more anyway.

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You could have difficulty waking him up for feeding. Your baby could also have difficulty putting on weight as he has been born overweight. You would start wondering why he does not gain weight when you are feeding him normally.

In actuality, you are feeding him the poisonous effects of alcoholic drinks that you are transferring right through the breast milk that you lovingly squeeze into your baby’s mouth. You would also have less milk if you drink more. Avoid breastfeeding at least 2-3 hours after you have taken alcohol. At least this will offer some, though very little protection from your baby.

Your Baby Could Have Mental and Physical Deformities

Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy will create a number of deformities in the babies which may not have any cure. Deformities like upturned nose, small eyes and flat cheekbones cannot be changed, once the damage has been done. Why create such abnormal progenies and send them to a road to depressions and perhaps alcoholics themselves?

Set aside the physical deformities that may be corrected with plastic surgeries, if you have the money to spend. But what about the mental, nervous and emotional deformities that may not have a cure?  The brain of babies exposed to alcohol could turn out to be abnormal.

It can either be too big or too small, both not normal conditions. This will in turn affect their mental and emotional development and create a void in your life as well as the life of the child. Drinking during the first trimester will interfere with the baby’s brain development. This will cause structural as well as developmental deformities in children which cannot be changed whatsoever.

Neurological Deformities in Babies Due to Alcohol Consumption

Exposure to alcohol during the foetal development stage can also lead to a number of neurological deformities like epileptic seizures, skill impairment, loss of hearing and an all round clumsiness. These babies will have difficulty in learning and doing tasks effectively like the other kids of his/her age. Neurological deformities are related to the nerves and hence difficult to remove and improve upon.

Functional Deformities in Babies Due to Alcohol Exposure

Based on the severity of alcohol exposure that a baby has undergone during the foetal development stages, a number of functional deformities can arise which will create embarrassing situations for you as well as the kid. Problems like poor skills in socialising, bad memory and difficulties in learning are common problems faced by such kids. These problems need lot of counselling, support and help from special schools in order to be set right Even then, there is no guarantee that your child will be completely normal.

Growth Problems As a Result of Alcohol Exposure

Growth problems like low birth weight, difficulty in gaining weight and low height can not only be undesirable, but can create inferiority complex in your kid and can cause mental and emotional problems as well. Now that we have discussed all these issues in all its seriousness, wouldn’t it be better that you stop drinking rather than bring unhealthy babies into this world and make them suffer along with you.

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How Is The Fetus Affected By Alcohol

How Is The Fetus Affected By Alcohol

Every woman must know the importance of abstaining from bad habits like drinking and smoking while they are pregnant. Many modern women do not take things seri





How Is The Fetus Affected By Alcohol
How Is The Fetus Affected By Alcohol

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