How Long Distance Relationships Work - Or wait, Do They?

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So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, we have for you two different parts of our offering on how to make your long distance relationships thrive. 

Maintaining long distance relationships is no easy matter, and it is not a day’s work. But for those merely curious, with questions, in need of answers as quick as possible, we have for you some frequently-asked Tl;Drs.

Make Long Distance Relationships Thrive – TL;DR

Is Maintaining Long Distance Relationships Possible?

Yes. It is no joke but it is possible.

Is Maintaining Long Distance Relationships Super Super Duper Difficult?

Yes. But it is possible.

Can You Make Long Distance Relationships Thrive Like a ‘Normal’ One? 

Yes. It is no joke, though.

Long-Distance Relationships, Do They Work Out a Lot? 


What are the Odds to Make Long Distance Relationships Thrive?

According to this post you got a 58% probability in your favor.  Personally, though, we peg it at 48.

What Can I Do To Make My Long Distance Relationship Thrive?

A lot. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the second part of this post:

Maintaining Long Distance Relationships  – Compare and Contrast

First thing we’re going to do is compare and contrast traditional ‘normal’ close proximity relationship with long-distance ones. 

Any kind of human relationship is fragile. People change and relationships are like an organic being themselves. They change and they need to be nurtured. A lot.

But of course not all relationships are equal. Sure, in a traditional relationship you can start out feeling you have a 50-50 chance, all things being equal (even though this is quite inaccurate and they never are.) But still you’re optimistic and you’re in that beautiful thing called love, so, hey we give you the right to be naive.

But when it comes to long-distance, it is not uncommon to feel a sense of doom in your first couple of weeks. You know that in fact there’s a higher probability that a long distance relationship will fail than there is that it will thrive. 

You know that while being close to your partner is no guarantee of a thriving relationship, this arrangement is still a lot more liable to survival than its long distance counterpart.

Why is this so, Though? 

This question might be more important than you think. Because it is, actually, the answer to everything!

The answer to fixing a problem is to know why it fails. So simply put, to know how you go about maintaining a long distance relationship, you must understand why it screws up.

To know how to make a long distance relationship thrive, you first have to know what makes it fail.

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K, So Why – Oh and, How?

Relax, relax, we’ll tell how why – and how. But first, we gotta warn you. The “how” to all this “whys” all have one thing in common: work, work, work, work.

In maintaining long distance relationships, you gotta put in the effort; you gotta be prepared to put in extra work. Otherwise you got no chance. No, for real, zero chance. Nada. You might as well give up from the start, in fact, and spare yourself some heartbreak.

K, So Why – and How?

Top of that list is communication.

Why? Ease of Communication 

Think about it, communication is definitely, absolutely one of the most important ingredients for a thriving relationship.  

It decides, most times, whether a relationship works or not. No matter how much both parties love each other in a relationship, you still have to be able to articulate things.  Aprender a programar Cubic, Javascript y Python con ejemplos Aprender a programar con ejemplos

And the fate of that relationship lies not just in whether you can, but also how good you do articulate these things. 

And when you’re closer to a partner in terms of space, you can be able to talk about things more frequently, and more importantly than when you’re farther apart. 

How? Work, Work, Work, Work

The solution seems simple and easy: communicate with available resources. “Available resources”, however, tend to vary from generation to generation. 

And guess what? We have the best array of technologies now to keep in touch even when miles apart. From telephones to video calling to three-dimensional holograms (hey, who knows, they might be available by the time you read this.)

But the point is, with these you have the tools needed to communicate effectively.

But that’s the easy part.

To be efficient, you must be willing to – work work work work.

Calls or voice messages or video chats get tedious and may seem unsustainable, at times, but whereas in short proximity relationship, you have physical signs to communicate tiredness and other cues, in long distance these are all you got.

And you must damn well stick to it.

Why? Continetal Drift. Change.

There’s a saying here that people are like water. We drift apart and we drift into each other. 

In a long distance relationship there’s a high probability that the parties involved will drift apart. 

People change, ideas change, dreams change. 

And most importantly we start to drift into other people too. We meet new people with new ideas and it becomes easier and easier to forget that person that is miles away. 

And so the relationship falters inevitably. 

How? Work Work Work Work 

Again, the how to fix is by conscious effort. Yes, change is inevitable. But sometimes you have to stay strong against it.

We are more susceptible to change when we’re not in constant touch with that thing we want to stay connected with, and so we are easily swayed by new things.

You have to fight against this. Stay adamant. Stay strong and most importantly, stay conscious. 

Why? Sexual Healing

Another reason – and most would say this is the main one – long distance relationships falter is the lack of sex.

Nothing can replace physical contact. And like it or not, the pyshical does strengthen the psychological. 

Getting good physical pleasure from your partner reinforces your love for them psychologically. It’s all intertwined and long distance changes all that.

Or does it? 

How? Work Play Work Play

There will never be a substitute for the genuine, palpable physical feel of a partner.

But thanks to technological advances, you can make it work. And of course the emphasis is on work.

Again, it is all psychological. With the right psychological configuration of your mind, you can get as close to being physical as you can – even though you’re miles away.


So there you have it folk. Can you make long distance relationships thrive? Can you maintain a long distance relationship? Why and how? All has been revealed.

It is very possible, but it is neither a child’s play nor for the weak of heart.

If you’re not willing to put in the work, invariably it is best to call things quit at that moment. Else you will only bring yourself more pain and suffering.

But, with the right amount of love and effort and determination – and, a little bit of luck – it is not impossible for long distance relationships to thrive and bloom.

It’s happened in the past and it can happen to you!

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How Long Distance Relationships Work - Or wait, Do They?

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