How Old Is Scott Disick? ‘Kardashians’ Star Is Feeling His Age (And Looking Even Older)

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  How Old Is Scott Disick? ‘Kardashians’ Star Is Feeling His Age (And Looking Even Older)

When last we left Scott Disick, he was Keeping Up With The Kardashians by dating college-aged women, late teens, early 20s.

But on the premiere of The Kardashians, the first person we see on camera isn’t him or a Kardashian, but Travis Barker, Kourtney’s newest addition to the family — they got engaged back in October and did a Vegas marriage last weekend after the Grammys.

The debut episode has the new family configuration meeting up for an outdoor dinner, only Disick wasn’t invited to the BBQ.

“Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this?” Kourtney asked into the camera, insisting she and Disick had been broken up for seven years at that point, so it’s time to move on without him.

That was news to Disick, who told Khloe: “Feeling left out and not being told anything is super hurtful, especially when I don’t have another family to go to.” He added later: “It was a huge adjustment losing Kourtney romantically, but now it’s becoming a huge adjustment losing her as a best friend. Now we’re really just more co-parenters. I’d say it’s probably one of the more difficult things in my life.”

But not before he and Khloe had an awkward conversation about how Disick might best move on with new loves.

First he made a pass (jokingly, but who knows) at Khloe, asking, “Get these cameras outta here and go upstairs, then?”

“The whole thing’s f—ing weird,” Khloe said later of the encounter.

They did have a semi-serious moment, though, with Disick telling Khloe: “If I want to find somebody real, and serious, and someone I’m actually going to spend my life with, it would have to be somebody…” Frases célebres de Baltasar Gracián

“More age-appropriate,” Khloe interjected, jokingly suggesting: “21.”

Disick continued: “Yeah. You know…upper 20s.” To the camera crew, he tried to appear willing to date anyone, no matter the age, but immediately doubted that he’d stick to that.

On the final season of their E! show, Disick was dating teenager Amelia Hamlin. She’s 20 now.

Today the 38-year-old just announced his new girlfriend as 27-year-old Rebecca Donaldson, a Scottish model who joined him at the Hulu premiere party last week.

How are Kardashian watchers taking all of this? More than a few too notice of how different Disick seemed after just a year away from the reality TV cameras, and laughed at his idea of dating anyone his age, considering how he acts and looks now.

Wtf is different about Scott Disick, he doesn’t look like Scott, but he sounds like Scott #TheKardashians

— Baked Potatoes (@BakedPotato_s) April 14, 2022

scott disick is pushing 40s and he’s on the show talking about how he can’t date anyone older than 30 omg How Old Is Scott Disick? ‘Kardashians’ Star Is Feeling His Age (And Looking Even Older)


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