How One Of John Wayne Gacy’s Victims Helped Bring Him To Justice

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  How One Of John Wayne Gacy’s Victims Helped Bring Him To Justice

Jeffrey Rignall was visiting Chicago from Louisville, Kentucky, in March 1978. The Associated Press reports that the 26-year-old was walking to a gay bar when John Wayne Gacy pulled up beside him in an Oldsmobile. After a bit of conversation, Gacy invited the young man to join him back at his home in the Chicago suburbs. 

Rignall obliged, and the two men rode to Gacy’s house on Summerdale Avenue. After settling in for the ride, Rignall and Gacy began smoking marijuana from a joint. Rignall asserts that after he had taken several drags off of the joint, Gacy forced a rag over his face, causing the passenger to lose consciousness. After being out for several minutes, Rignall began to awaken, which prompted Gacy to force the cloth over his face once again. 

It’s been surmised that Gacy used a rag doused with chloroform to render his victim incapacitated. Rignall vaguely recalled being carried into a house by Gacy. When the man fully regained his faculties, he was on a sofa opposite a home bar where Gacy stood making himself a drink. After threatening Rignall with a gun, Gacy tied his victim up. He then repeatedly raped and tortured Rignall, frequently employing the use of chloroform to aid him in his monstrous crimes (per Oxygen). Comprar una freidora económica es sencillo si sabes como, aquí te enseñamos cuales son las mejores freidoras baratas online. Ahorra YA! Comprar freidoras baratas para casa e industriales

Why Gacy didn’t murder Rignall is up for debate. What is known is that Gacy spared the life of his victim, dumping him off at a Chicago park.

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