How To Control Blood Sugar During Pregnancy




Loss of tolerance to glucose is quite common among women at the time of pregnancy. Due to the increase in the metabolites and the blood volume, the pancreas has problem in keeping up with the high demand of insulin supply for helping in the maintenance of the correct levels of blood sugar.

So, increase of the sugar levels is quite common in case of a pregnant woman. A condition called gestational diabetes is seen in about ten to twenty percent of the pregnant women. The levels of blood sugar are quite high during this condition. Therefore, it needs to be monitored carefully and also requires diet control. You may not have this problem but it is important to control the levels of blood sugar in a safe range.


Daily exercise along with proper diet is highly essential for this at the time of pregnancy. With the help of a balanced diet a woman can restrict their blood sugar quantity within the proper range. However in case of some women insulin is also used.

Diabetics need to well control the sugar levels in blood properly during pregnancy for preventing miscarriages, few birth defects and complications for mother. Diabetics who properly work together with doctors for controlling the sugar levels of blood can have a proper healthy pregnancy as well as a healthy baby.

With a balanced and right food intake maximum women are easily able to maintain their levels of blood sugar within a correct range during pregnancy. For some pregnant women diet is not enough, they require the insulin use also. Women who have 1 or 2 types of diabetes should start to prepare in advance for their pregnancy by seeing a qualified doctor as well as a dietitian.

When a diabetic woman is pregnant the blood sugar must be monitored carefully. When the baby is properly born then the problem of blood sugar generally disappears. With a proper knowledge and right help from doctor the blood sugar problems can easily be controlled.

Why to Control Blood Sugar?

Complications occurring during the birth of babies to the diabetic mothers are due to the high sugar levels in the blood of mothers. Therefore, it is essential to control the level of high sugar in blood from the onset of pregnancy; it would be much better if you are making plans for getting pregnant.  It has been noticed that if the sugar control is really poor then during the first 3 months there might be some types of defects in the body of a baby who is born later.

Such type of risk is 4 to 8 times high than in the normal pregnancy. If the blood sugar is not controlled in the last 6 months of the pregnancy, then the born baby might be overweight, with high hemoglobin, low calcium and sugar, and can have poor maturity of lung and many other problems.

You must follow the right instructions to control your blood sugar level at the time of pregnancy.

Watch the Amount of Sugar in Your Food

It is important to avoid sugar as well as foods that have a high amount of sugar in them. Sugar is absorbed quite easily and quickly into the blood of pregnant women. Release of higher amount of insulin is important for maintaining the normal levels of blood sugar. Sugar is present in different types of food and you need to identify them. Todo sobre Apple, Mac e Iphone


You can check the ingredients on the packaging of any food that you are buying. Avoid a food product if it contains any form of sugar. Food is a crucial factor at the time of pregnancy. Try to eat unsweetened breads and cereals at breakfast. You must avoid cakes, pies, cookies, fruit drinks, sodas, candies, sweetened yogurt, syrup and ice cream.

Ingredients such as glucose, dextrose and sucrose contain sugar and so they must be avoided at the time of pregnancy. Vegetables can be an ideal food option as they have low sugar quantity.

Eat Complex Carbohydrates

This type of food can be helpful during pregnancy. This includes vegetables and whole grains like cracked wheat and brown rice. You can also eat whole grain breads and cereals. You may eat legumes like chick peas, black beans and soy beans. The amount of carbohydrate that is present in them will provide you with sufficient energy that you need at the time of pregnancy. You can also have foods that are rich in fiber. This can also be helpful in maintaining the normal levels of insulin. You should also have low fat diet.

Control Blood Sugar

You should first check your food because food increases your blood levels. The carbohydrates amount in your meals and daily snacks has higher effects on your blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is essential that you should follow appropriate diet for insuring that your blood sugar does not go high. You can consult with your doctor to know which food to take and which to avoid during pregnancy.

Exercise is a perfect way to lower down your sugar level. Doing exercise on regular basis will help you as well as your baby. Discuss your exercise plan with your doctor. Walking after your meal is an effective activity especially for pregnant women.

This helps in reducing the sugar level which increase after having meal. Avoiding stress, as physical and psychological stress can increase your blood sugar level.  Reading books, relaxing or walking can lower down the psychological stress. Check regularly your blood glucose level to make sure that it is in control only which is important during pregnancy.

Daily Exercise During Pregnancy

Perform aerobic exercise for about thirty minutes on daily basis. This is also quite effective. You can discuss with your doctor about the workout plans. Walking for some time after having a meal is beneficial for the women at the time of pregnancy. Any kind of stress must also be avoided.


These tips can help you to control the levels of blood sugar at the time of pregnancy. Maximum cases of blood sugar during pregnancy are normally controlled by right diet and regular exercise. Only few are there who require insulin therapy or different medications for controlling sugar level. Complications can be minimized during pregnancy with right glucose control from the beginning only.

How To Control Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

How To Control Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

Loss of tolerance to glucose is quite common among women at the time of pregnancy. Due to the increase in the metabolites and the blood volume, the pancreas ha





How To Control Blood Sugar During Pregnancy
How To Control Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

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