How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy




Gaining weight during pregnancy is something that is very natural and cannot be avoided at any cost whatsoever. Therefore, during the pregnancy phase, it becomes all the more important to control your weight, at the same time practice healthy and nutritious eating that is good for the mother as well as the baby.

Most women do not lose their baby fat try as they might, due to unhealthy lifestyle and over eating during pregnancy.  Whilst weight gain during pregnancy is imminent and essential for the proper development of the baby, excessive weight gain is what all women must try to avoid. If you are looking at getting back to your slim and svelte figure after motherhood, you must definitely read this article that points out the importance of healthy weight gain during expectancy.


Understand the Risks Associated With Excessive Weight Gain

Many expectant mothers are unaware about the health risks associated with excessive weight gain during pregnancy. In actuality, most of them are advised to eat for two and gain weight for the benefit of the baby. As first time mothers are all the more ignorant and eager to get healthy and chubby babies, they listen to everything their elders order them to do.

Overweight during pregnancy can lead to a lot of complications like gestational diabetes due to intake of excess sugar, haemorrhoids, varicose veins as a result of pressure on the legs, stretch marks all over your stomach and body which are difficult to remove, back problems due to excessive stress on the back, problems of indigestion etc. You could do without all these, couldn’t you? Maintain a healthy weight in order to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Determine Your Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Determining beforehand or even having a general idea as to how much weight gain is the ideal for you will help you stay on board without going overboard. The weight that you must gain can be discussed with your doctor after determining your pre pregnancy weight. Generally, a normal woman must not be gaining more than 40 pounds during the entire nine months of her pregnancy.

If you are in the overweight category, it will again reduce to about 25 pounds. The ideal weight for you must be calculated relative to your BMI before you became pregnant.

Keeping Check on Your Weight Gain

Once you have identified the ideal weigh that you must gain, things become easy. Keep an eye on the weighing scale always to make sure that you stay well within the limits. Whenever you feel that you are going out of range, you can control your cravings and shift your attention to other things.

A good way to stay within the stipulated weight limit is to break your meals to smaller quantities. This way you will always have something to eat, even if the quantities remain small. Congratulate yourself and take it as a motivation if you manage well within the limit.


Low Fat Meals for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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During pregnancy, all a woman needs is an extra of 300 calories a day and not double of what she had been eating as most of us believe. Sticking to this number is in no way going to make you overweight during your pregnant days. While your meals must be well balanced with essential nutrients, it must not have a high fat content.

A high fat diet will result in your weight shooting up and you losing control of your goal. Your meal must contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein in moderation without affecting your overall weight gain.

Vitamin Supplements for Healthy Weight During Pregnancy

Whilst some vitamins like folic acid has to be given during pregnancy for proper cell development of the baby, vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron etc. need not administered to all unless the doctor specifically finds a need like under weight and poor nourishment. All the essential nutrients can be got from the diet that you take. If the diet is faulty, multi vitamin supplements have to be taken with the advice of a doctor.

Supplements that are generally advised for pregnant women are calcium, iron and folic acid. Proper doses can be discussed with the gynaecologist before you take them. If you are underweight, you must surely take supplements to keep the baby healthy.

Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy

All of us shun exercises the minute we know that we are pregnant. We are scared that exercise would harm the baby. Though there are some women who have genuine health concerns that prevent them from exertion, exercise is not something which women must avoid altogether during pregnancy, especially if you have been exercising all throughout your pre pregnancy days.

Moderate exercises and cardio are in fact good for pregnant women to maintain a healthy weight. Exercising helps you to satisfy your food cravings more often as you are shedding the calories too while you munch on. Light exercises like walking and swimming can do a world of good for pregnant women as they make labour and delivery easier for them. Some exercise positions like squats are helpful in easing the labour and pain.

For newcomers who are new to exercising but have discovered its importance during pregnancy, yoga is a safe bet. Many yogic postures and deep breathing techniques practiced in yoga can actually be more beneficial to pregnant women in controlling their contractions, easing the pelvic muscles and relieving labour pains. Exercise also helps in retaining skin elasticity which will reduce the occurrence of stretch marks.

Drinking Water and Fluids to Manage Weight During Pregnancy

There are many reasons why you must drink water. Drinking water helps in keeping the body hydrated and also in flushing out the toxins from the body. Water also helps in reducing your cravings for food that could lead you to overweight by keeping the stomach full. Whenever you feel the need to over eat, drink some water or fruit juice which will satisfy your urge to eat unnecessarily.

How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy

How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy is something that is very natural and cannot be avoided at any cost whatsoever. Therefore, during the pregnancy phase, it becom





How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy
How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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