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Every child would want to become their teacher’s favourite. But this is not always an easy task. If you look at the kids who are the favourites of teachers, you will be surprised to note that many of them may be just average students and not so academically oriented.

So how do they attain this position of becoming the teacher’s favourite? What are their strategies that make them tick with the teacher? Are these questions that you have been asking yourself as you would like your child too to become the teacher’s favourite? If yes, this article provides you with certain tips and strategies that you as a parent can adopt in order to keep your child in the good books of his or her teachers.


Many parents adopt strategies to impress their teachers with the intention that their child will get better grades even if he or she is not a good student. This however must not be your goal as influencing teachers to attain better grades is not a character that your child must adopt if you are looking at the betterment of his future. Hard work and earnest efforts must be the key to good grades as well as impressing teachers. Read on.

Concentrate In Class

The importance of concentrating in class must be communicated to your child early on. This is not just a habit to impress teachers, but a habit that will always help him stay a step further ahead than his classmates. A child who concentrates well in class is the joy of a teacher as the teacher feels confident that he/she is teaching them well and in the right method.

It is a mutually beneficial habit as it helps the child too to spend less time in studies at home as he has already understood thoroughly what the teacher has explained in the class. Such a student will keep the teachers concentration on the subject being taught as well. Disturbances in class can affect the efficiency of the teacher as well. Look at the teacher when she talks and keep the eye contact intact when she is teaching.

Clear Doubts

Many children think that teachers do not want many questions to be asked when they teach. So most of them keep their mouth shut even if they haven’t understood a word of what the teacher has taught. This is a wrong assumption whatsoever. A good teacher will always encourage the students to ask questions and clear the doubts.

In fact, a student who asks the teacher to give him a second round of lecture because he has not understood the concept will go a long way in impressing the teacher. He has already communicated his interest in the subject and his desire to clear doubts and make an effort. Teachers will always have a keen interest in such students and will always ensure that they understood the subject thoroughly more than the others.

Be Regular in Your Homework

As a parent, it is in your responsibility to make sure that your child does his or her homework every day. A teacher who monitors your child will immediately sense your interest in his studies and will automatically have an impression. A child who follows instructions and does all his home work and assignments correctly will make a good impression on the teacher. Blog sobre salud

It is not important that your child has to get higher grades to be a teacher’s pet. Teachers definitely understand that all children cannot be of the same intelligence level. It is the interest in learning and a willingness to put their own effort that counts when it comes to impressing teachers.

Good Manners

A teacher will not just asses a child’s academic competence, but their all round behaviour in class. This is why some kids never become the teacher’s favourite in spite of getting the best grades in class. Having good manners will help your child remain a teacher’s favourite as well.

Teach your child the importance of politeness and courtesy and help him behave well with everyone including the peon and the watchman in your school. People especially tend to note your child’s good behaviour towards those who are not as privileged as them and will always remember such gestures as a mark of excellence in their behaviour.

Never Arrive Late For School

A student who is always late for school will immediately be in the bad books of the school as well as his teachers. Being punctual to school is one of the basic habits that has to be instilled in a child. As a parent, your responsibility is to ensure that your child never gets late to school.

More often than not, it is the parents that drop the child late to school and the child himself is not responsible for it. As a parent, ensure that your child is on time, at least 10 minutes before the school starts. When the school bell rings, be ready and up for the Morning Prayer while the teacher arrives in the class. This will leave a good impression on the teacher.

Volunteer For Activities

A child who is active in school, whether it is for extracurricular activities or for other community projects or volunteer work, will always create a lasting impression on the teachers. Teachers will never forget students who are active in school.

A student who has exceptional talents and make an extra effort to help around will always remain in a teacher’s mind that a child who is just academically oriented and does not participate in other activities. Encourage your child to participate in every activity that he can and teach him the importance of helping others and volunteering for good causes. These things will help him gain social responsibility and also impress the teachers.

Gift Your Teacher

Though showering your child’s teacher with gifts is not a respectable habit as it will be misunderstood for being overzealous to get into her good books, a small thoughtful gift once in a while is well appreciated. This could be for her birthday or for teacher’s day when you can let her know how much your child cherishes her lectures and value her guidance. Teachers will surely be impressed by your child’s thoughtfulness and will respect the parent who has instilled such values in the child.

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How To Impress Your Teachers

How To Impress Your Teachers

Every child would want to become their teacher’s favourite. But this is not always an easy task. If you look at the kids who are the favourites of teachers,





How To Impress Your Teachers
How To Impress Your Teachers

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