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Pregnancy is a golden period in a woman’s life, and often the one which requires a lot of extra precaution and care. Taking complete rest in the bed may sound tempting; who does not like putting their feet up and enjoying the day in front of the television with all needs being taken care of.

However, after a certain period of time, especially if you have been put up for a kind of bed rest where you are allowed to get up only for the washroom, it can get very boring and unnerving. There are a number of things you can do there, and also a number of different types of bed rest your doctor may want to put you on.

Scheduled bed rest:

Here, your doctor expects you to dedicate around two hours from your daily schedule to taking rest. This may be after your work day once your back home, or even taking a small nap or putting your feet up for an hour during office hours. This is mainly recommended by doctors in certain low risk cases only, where the mother and baby are fine, however the doctor wants to be sure that the mother is saving her energy wherever possible.


Some women also prefer taking a shower or a lukewarm water bath before or after the resting period, as this is quite refreshing. As such, there is not much limitation to movement, though running, exercising and climbing up or down the stairs may not be allowed.

Modified bed rest:

You may not be allowed to carry out all your routine work as normally as before. Doctor may advise you to cut down on your working hours, especially during advanced pregnancy stages. You may have to talk to your office boss for letting you work for fewer hours daily, or take up something in which you can partly work from home.

You are allowed to use the washroom, or make your own sandwich; however, climbing stairs up or down is not allowed. After every hour of your rest period, your doctor may encourage you to stretch your arms or wriggle your toes, so that the blood circulation is not hampered and you are able to keep your muscles active.

Strict bed rest:

You will have to give up on your office and home routine as well. You may only be allowed to use the washroom yourself, and be expected to get help from others for everything else. Since using stairs is a complete no-no, find yourself a comfortable room in the house, where you do not mind confining yourself to.

Make sure that you have everything that you need at your side- a mini-refrigerator or a cooler, having enough water to keep you hydrated, fruits and good supply of food along with your pre-natal vitamin supplements. Also keep the phone in your reach, so that if there is any emergency or if you need anything, it is just a phone call away.

Hospital bed rest: You may not welcome this; however, if your doctor wants to monitor your condition strictly, and keep you on intra venous fluids, he may put you on hospital bed rest. A urinary catheter may be attached to help you pass urine without getting up, if required. Keep your phone in your reach, so that you can keep in touch with your friends and family. You may ask the nurse to help you shift positions so that you are comfortable. The best position would be to sleep on sides, and if possible you can cuddle yourself up with a few pillows, such as, between the legs and under your back, to keep you more comfortable. Elchat Directorio de chats en español

While on bed rest, though your body may be inactive, do not let your mind become lazy. There are a lot of things that you can do while you are resting, and make that time productive and less painful.

Stay in touch:

As mentioned before, keep your phone by your side. There is absolutely no need for you to cut off from the society. You may also make a good friend in your hospital attendant, so that you do have someone to talk to.

Fun activities:

This may or may not be allowed in a hospital. However, if you are at strict bed rest at home, you can call your friends for a small get together for watching your favorite television show together, or order a pizza while you all enjoy. Especially now, there will be thousands of things that will be going on in your mind, and having your loved ones to talk to around you, can make you feel much better and keep you in a good and pepped up mood for a few days to come.

Stretching your upper limbs:

Ask your doctor if you are allowed to do mild exercises to keep your upper body active. Not moving your arms at all may cause them to become weak as well as there may be blood stagnation in these parts, causing swelling and discomfort. Lifting of light weights is allowed by most doctors, or you may stick to a very simple exercise of just lifting your arms slowly on the side, then joining the palms above the head, and then bringing them down slowly while you exhale.

Leg exercises:

These also are important, provided your doctor agrees to them. They do not necessarily have to be any heavy exercises, just being allowed to lift your leg and move your ankles in circles below the hip level may be quite comforting. You can request your nurse or attendant to help you while you carry out these moves.

Reading books and preparing yourself for the arriving baby:

This is one of the best ways to keep you active. While in bed, you can surf the net, read books and get all your questions answered. You can prepare yourself for the baby to arrive and be informed about what to expect.

Work from home:

This is a good way to keep yourself busy, and also keep that income flowing if you do not have a maternity compensation being provided. Freelancing job options which allow you to be at home and work on your laptop, are a good way to put your time to some good use.

Ways To Survive Pregnancy Bed Rest

Ways To Survive Pregnancy Bed Rest

Pregnancy is a golden period in a woman’s life, and often the one which requires a lot of extra precaution and care. Taking complete rest in the bed may soun






Ways To Survive Pregnancy Bed Rest
Ways To Survive Pregnancy Bed Rest

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