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Iceland, a land less traveled to and little known to travelers. What many do not know is that the country with icy glaciers, snow covered mountains and wild terrains has some really fascinating places to visit in addition to offering a horde of fun activities for visitors.

It doesn’t matter if you take a walk, travel across the country side, swim in a geo thermal swimming pool, go horseback riding, whale watching, river angling or sailing. Iceland never ceases to surprise you with its never ending list of places to visit and things to do!

Some of the more interesting places in Iceland are mentioned below. You may want to add these places to your list of must visit sites if you plan a trip to the country.


Reykjavik City: The capital of Iceland as well as the educational, cultural and business center of the entire country, Reykjavik has plenty of interesting tourist attractions.

The Arbaejarsafn Folk Museum is  an open aired museum that offers visitors an insight into the country’s beautiful past. The Saga Museum plays an important part in educating visitors about the early Icelandic establishments and the people of Iceland.

Deemed to be one of the prime economic centers of the entire country, the town of Hafnarjordur is located about a 30 minutes drive from the capital, Reykjavik.

Families will love the Reykjavik Family Park Zoo which offers interactive family programs in addition to the normal visit to the zoo the year around. In addition to this, the entire city is filled with snow covered ski slopes of all sizes which suit every kind of skier, be it the novice or the pro.

The city also houses seven geothermal springs in the form of outdoor and indoor pools, water gyms and hot tubs, all of which come with sun benches, steam rooms and massage parlors. Get a chance to meet the real Vikings in the Viking Village which is frequented by travelers from all around the world for its food and wild parties.

The city of Reykjanes has for ages been the prime marketing force of the country. In addition to housing the Keflavik International Airport, the city has many interesting sites to visit. These include the Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal spring and spa which offers guests a rare opportunity to bathe in warm sea water.

The Town of Sandgerdi is known for its abundant fishing grounds. It is a well known fact that the early economy of Iceland thrived on salted fish and the Iceland Saltfish Museum proves just that by highlighting the processing and export of the commodity over the years. Mejores Páginas de Contactos | Opiniones y Análisis 2023

Don’t miss out on a chance to tour the Glacier Lagoon situated in South East Iceland. Various boat agencies operate tours that enable visitors to sail near giant icebergs. South Iceland is also famous for the hot spring area of Geysir which offers visitors loads of entertainment and interesting places to visit. These include a swimming pool café, a multimedia museum and a troll called Bergthor among others.

A visit to Iceland can never be complete without visiting Thingvellir which is hailed as the country’s national shrine. It was here that the country’s Parliament was founded along with the adoption of Christianity as the official religion. The area is also deemed to be the first National Park in Iceland.

While you are in Southern Iceland, be sure to visit the Aquarium and Museum of Natural History which, apart from housing a renowned collection of fishes, mounted birds, rocks and minerals, is touted to have the remaining one colored Guillemont.

Moving up north takes you to the more natural landscapes of the country. The Thvera – Bardarstrond area is a relatively untouched piece of land that offers hordes of interesting activities to partake in including nature hikes, bird watching, mountain climbing, and beach combing.

The Lake Myyatn Area is another place in northern Iceland where guests will find plenty of spectacular natural landscapes and lots of eco friendly activities to keep them busy.

The area of Husafell is a must visit destination, especially if you are in Western Iceland. Offering nature lovers some of the largest lava tube caves in the entire country, the area also houses a. In addition to this, there are plenty of good campsites, lodges, summer cottages and hotels with swimming pools offering guests standard accommodation facilities.

These are some of the really good places to visit in Iceland. Next time you plan a trip up there; make sure to add these places to your travel itinerary. Enjoy your vacation!

Iceland Travel

Iceland Travel

Iceland, a land less traveled to and little known to travelers. What many do not know is that the country with icy glaciers, snow covered mountains and wild te





Iceland Travel
Iceland Travel

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