Essentials Baby Gear For Your New Born




As you welcome your baby into this world you will need a host of baby products to make your baby comfortable and safe. Many of these products are mandatory from a point of safety while others can bed purchased to make things simpler for you.

There are varied products in the market for every aspect of your baby’s life. Know that you need not invest in each of these products as they can be very expensive. You need to have essential baby gear that is mandatory as per law and some which can make your baby very comfortable. This article has useful pointers on important baby gear for your baby’s first year.

It details how to select these important baby products and what you must keep in mind when buying these products. This article will help you decide what products you absolutely need for your baby. This way you will be able to filter out baby products that you really do not need, thus helping you money and effort.


Car Seat is an absolute must-have baby gear for new parents. In the United States, all 50 states mandate the use of car seats for infants from birth till the age of 18 months. Some states require that children up to the age of 3 years or till they attain the weight of 60 lbs need to travel in a car seat. When you take your new-born home from the hospital, you will need to have a car seat installed in your car.

Hence, this baby gear needs to be in place when you go into labor. You can start shopping for infant car seat when you are in the sixth or eighth month of pregnancy. This will you give enough time to shop and select a car seat most suited to your needs and budget. Infant car seats are rear-facing and can be used till your baby is about 30 pounds in weight. Once your infant reaches the prescribed weight limit, you will need to use a convertible for your baby’s road travel.

A convertible serves as a rear-facing or front-facing car seat. All car seats available in the market meet the safety regulations prescribed by federal rules and hence whichever car seat you select, it will be safe for your baby. However, some car seats have extra features such as an easy latching system, non-twisting straps, etc. You may consider these features when buying an infant car seat for added ease of use and comfort.

The most important thing to be kept in mind when selecting a car seat is that the product must be used only up to the prescribed weight and height limit. Also, installing the car seat rightly is the key to safety. When buying a car seat, avoid purchasing used car seats. Though used car seats are available at great bargains, there is no way you can know the history of the product. Some used car seats are dressed up to hide damage from accidents. Such products can prove dangerous for baby’s safety.

The next most important baby gear for any parent is a stroller. This piece of baby gear you will need right from birth till your baby learns to walk on his own. However, when buying a stroller there are many varied choices which can confuse most new parents. When selecting a stroller the most important thing to keep in mind is the way you intend to use. Depending on the way you intend to use the stroller, you can use chose the appropriate one. Blog sopper tappers

For instance, if you intend to go on for long walks with your baby or plan to go jogging or hiking with your baby, chose a jogging stroller. Such strollers are designed to negotiate steep curves and hills and are very sturdy. However, jogger strollers are heavy and cumbersome and you cannot use them in your daily activities such as visit to a mall.

There are also lightweight strollers for those on a budget. These strollers are recommended once your baby crosses 18 months of age. In most cases, it is advisable to buy a standard stroller. These strollers have comfortable padding and can recline to different positions. These strollers are available in all price ranges – you can select the one best suited to your preference and budget. You need to a buy a crib or bassinet so that your baby sleeps comfortably. The crib must meet all federal rules prescribed for safety.

Look for a crib with sturdy railings that meets the prescribed dimensions for spacing. Also, the crib must have adjustable mattress height feature so that you can change the height of the mattress as your baby grows. This is an important safety feature that allows you to lower the mattress once your baby begins to sit up or starts crawling. This will prevent any risk of your baby falling from the crib. Also, the crib should be stable with no sharp edges or lose parts.

A crib is an expensive purchase, hence select a baby crib that can be used even your baby is older. Cribs that convert to toddler beds are ideal purchases that give great value for money. You will also need a crib mattress along with the crib. The mattress must fit the crib rightly and must not be too soft. It should meet the federal safety regulations and must be made of fire retardant materials.

Besides these essential baby gear products, there are several items that can make your baby more comfortable. An infant swing is a great for babies. The gentle motion of the swing is liked by babies and is especially ideal to soothe the baby when he/she fussy. Also, many new-born babies liked to be carried around. A baby sling is ideal for this purpose. This can also make life easier for you as you can do many house-hold chores with your baby strapped onto you. There are many baby slings available in the market. Chose the one that is recommended for your baby’s age. Also, know which the best position to carry your infant in the baby sling.

Essentials Baby Gear For Your New Born

Essentials Baby Gear For Your New Born

As you welcome your baby into this world you will need a host of baby products to make your baby comfortable and safe. Many of these products are mandatory fro





Essentials Baby Gear For Your New Born
Essentials Baby Gear For Your New Born

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