Inside Post Malone’s Luxury Utah Home

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  Inside Post Malone’s Luxury Utah Home

 According to K!TCHN by Grundig, there are so many different types of kitchens and kitchen layouts. Popular kitchen types include the one-wall kitchen, which, as the name implies, means that all your kitchen features and appliances are arranged against one wall (a space saver indeed). There is also the U-shaped kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen, and as is the case with Mr. Malone’s kitchen, there is the island kitchen.

The island kitchen layout was a great choice for this spacious home because islands offer so much to the abode. The chef has extra space to cook and prep meals, it could also work as a makeshift dining table for informal dining, or, when Post starts working on homework with his little one, this could be the best area for the family to hunker down and get to solving 1+1 (per Singer Kitchens). 

It is important to note that adding islands to a kitchen should be considered carefully, because not all kitchens have the space to take this feature. Before you embark on a project as such, map out the area in which you wish to implement the island and imagine how movement will flow when you finally insert the feature (per Jewett Farms).

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