Inside Sharon Case And Mark Grossman’s Real-Life Relationship

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  Inside Sharon Case And Mark Grossman’s Real-Life Relationship

When Mark Grossman first landed his role as Adam Newman in 2019 (via Soaps In Depth), he credited Sharon Case with showing him the ropes on how a soap — particularly “The Young and the Restless” works. “I was terrified,” he said on the Soap Opera Digest podcast “Dishing With Digest.” “I was absolutely terrified, especially looking at all the people who’d played Adam previously and the great work they did, and realizing how important the character was to the show.” 

So, Grossman went to the pro, Case, who had been with the show for more than 25 years. Over one casual lunch, he picked her brain about everything daytime and got the answers he was looking for. “I had some rapport with Sharon [Case],” he told Digest. “We went to lunch and I asked her every question. I just asked her thousands of questions. She probably wanted to strangle me, but she was great. She was so helpful, especially in the beginning.”

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