Inside William And Kate’s Stunning Kensington Palace Apartment

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  Inside William And Kate’s Stunning Kensington Palace Apartment

As with many centuries-old buildings, especially those with storied pasts, Kensington Palace is rumored to be haunted. But, of all the spaces in the sizeable building, apartment 1A is “a notorious spot for ghost sightings,” according to royal biographer Andrew Morton via Showbiz CheatSheet. “The alleged ghosts of George II, Caroline of Brunswick, and Princess Sophia having reportedly been sighted in the apartment.” 

Even Kensington Palace’s official Facebook page seems to believe the ghost stories. It recounts that “in the 1970s, Princess Margaret’s housekeeper reported that she saw a woman in Regency dress suddenly appear in front of her, then vanish through a wall. Over the next few decades, staff at the palace reported hearing strange sounds around the site.” Margaret also reportedly regularly saw a woman she nicknamed “The Blue Lady.”

So, perhaps William, Kate, and their kids aren’t the only residents of apartment 1A after all. Regardless, we’d happily take the gorgeous residence off their hands any day.

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