Ivanka’s Changed In Almost Every Way Since Her White House Exit

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  Ivanka’s Changed In Almost Every Way Since Her White House Exit

Ivanka Trump’s life changed significantly after leaving the White House, so much so that she and her family moved out of their prominent Washington, D.C. neighborhood. While their former neighbors included the Obamas, Jeff Bezos, and embassies to boot (per Town & Country), their new neighborhood isn’t so thrilled that the political family has settled in. Per Vanity Fair, while Ivanka and Jared Kushner are waiting for their home on Indian Creek Island to be built, they’ve been living in Surfside, Florida. While 79% of Indian Creek residents voted for Donald Trump in 2020, Surfside went for Joe Biden — marking a significant change for Ivanka’s environment.

Eliana Salzhauer, a Surfside town commissioner, opened up to The Washingtonian about having the famous former first daughter as a local, and she did not hold back. “It was, ‘Oh, good, the town is getting recognition,'” Salzhauer said. “Then it was, ‘Oh, no, the psychos are coming.'” She went on to say that she did not want to become an “enabler” in Ivanka’s “reinvention act,” and summarized the situation quite bluntly: “What are they doing in our town?”

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