Kate Moss Says She Testified at Johnny Depp Trial Because She Believes in Truth

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  Kate Moss Says She Testified at Johnny Depp Trial Because She Believes in Truth

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Kate Moss opened up about her critical testimony in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, and she says it’s as simple as honoring your duty to be a truth-teller.

As you know, Kate shot down rumors that Johnny had pushed her down a flight of stairs when they were dating years ago.

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Amber fueled the rumors on the stand, which opened the door for Kate’s virtual testimony, in which she said not only did Johnny NOT push her, but after she fell he was an angel, carrying her back inside their hotel room and calling for help.

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Kate told the Desert Island Discs, “I know the truth about Johnny. I had to say that truth.”

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Moss went on to say “fairness and justice” is what it’s all about, so it wasn’t difficult to take the oath and tell her story.

Johnny and Kate had dated for 3 years back in the ’90s. There were rumors maybe they had rekindled their romance — ala Ben and J Lo — but that’s not the case.

Kate and Johnny remain friends … and that’s what friends are for.

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