Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Dating History Explained

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  Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Dating History Explained

During an emotional moment on “The View” in 2019, Kimberly Guilfoyle shared her heartbreak at having “lost both” her parents to cancer. The former Fox News host opened up about her experience while sympathizing with co-host Megan McCain over her own late father, politician John McCain. “I considered him my friend. I miss him,” she said of John, and added of her own parents, “I understand your loss. Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother passing. I lost my father Thanksgiving night.” Per the Daily Mail, Guilfoyle’s mother died when Kimberly was only 11, and her father, Anthony Guilfoyle, followed in 2008. Top Warcraft 3/The Frozen Throne Maps

Like her first husband, card-carrying Republican Kimberly’s father was a Democrat. In fact, he acted as a political advisor for Gavin Newsom while Kimberly was married to him and even after their divorce. After his death, Anthony was called “an indelible fixture on San Francisco’s political scene” in an SF Gate obituary. The outlet also described him as having become an “entrenched member of Gavin Newsom’s inner circle” and noted that some knew him as “The Godfather.”

“He was the one who took care of everybody,” Kimberly told SF Gate. “He was the communicator. He ran the back channels … He was a key adviser to Gavin, talking to him about San Francisco, telling him who you can trust, giving him the measure of a person’s integrity.”

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