Lottery Winners Who Lost All Their Money

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 Lottery Winners Who Lost All Their Money

Incredibly, Callie Rogers was just 16-years-old when she won a lottery in England worth £1.9 million (about $2.9 million) in 2003. It’s safe to say that the majority of 16-year-olds in the world are not great at making sensible decisions, so it’s not too surprising that most of Callie’s decisions involved purchasing and snorting large amounts of cocaine.

As the Manchester Evening News reports, Rogers also spent a good amount of money on breast implants, went on lavish trips, bought fancy cars, and loaned lots of money to people she no longer considers friends.

But as the Huffington Post makes clear, it was Callie’s love for illegal drugs that probably ate up most of her money. She admits to having spent nearly $400,000 on cocaine, though the accuracy of her accounting is certainly up for debate. Rogers, who suffered sexual abuse as a child and attempted suicide four times after winning the money, is completely broke today—but insists she’s happy in her new, slightly less lucrative life. Unsurprisingly, she advocates for raising the age limit for playing the lottery, sensibly noting that teenagers aren’t capable of making the sorts of decisions required of millionaires. Todas las Noticias, Imagenes, Eventos, Articulos, Juegos y toda la informacion sobre el universo de Captain Tsubasa en castellano. Captain Tsubasa Spain

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