Luxury Safari Vacations In Kenya




Kenya is one of those places where you will find no dearth to luxury safari holidays. Often cited as the home of safaris by many travelers, Kenya offers a range of diverse, fun filled and extremely exciting safari holidays for the entire family. So if you are planning a luxury safari trip to Kenya, here are your top options.

Luxury Safari Vacations In Kenya

Family Safaris In Kenya

Family safaris in Kenya are treasured trips that make sure that your family gets to know the real Africa personally. These tailor made safaris would have you riding private planes to remote destinations, staying in luxury lodges and camps in the middle of dense jungles and getting as close and personal to Africa’s wildlife as you possibly can.


Visit waterholes and watch majestic African elephants and other wild animals drink water and take baths, enjoy the playful escapades of baboons who fill the tree canopies with their screeching calls, or finish your Safari in style with a beach visit.

Desert Island Safaris

What could be better than getting marooned on an isolated island with just a couple of other visitors? Nothing, I bet, especially if you are treated like royalty and get to enjoy plenty of luxuries while you stay there!

A luxury desert island safari promises just that. Islands like Azura, Amizi and Matemo etc. are private islands that let you enjoy luxurious accommodations, dining, and services at your own pace. You would share these islands only with a handful of other guests and would typically have a part of the island to yourself.

Sightseeing Safaris

Kenya’s natural wonders will leave you spellbound for sure. Most of the sightseeing Safaris in Kenya would take you to a few select places in the country that are thronged by tourists the year around.

These safaris would also include certain not so frequently visited places that would remain etched in your memory forever.

Victoria Falls

Also called as the Smoke that Thunders, the grandeur of the Victoria Falls would leave you tongue tied for sure. As the meeting place of Botswana (Zimbabwe), Namibia and Zambia, the region near the Victoria Falls is considered a site of cultural importance as well.

While you are here, you can enjoy plenty of adventurous activities like white water rafting, train journeys, elephant back safaris, sunset cruises on the river, wildlife watching trips, aircraft rides above the falls or swimming in the world renowned Devil’s Pool at the top of the falls.

Blue Train

Considered as one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Blue Train offers a 26 hour itinerary that takes you on a spectacular journey from Pretoria to Cape Town via one of the oldest rail journeys in the world.

You will be amazed at the sheer wonder of the natural sights that pass by on this train journey. The Blue Train ride would enable you to explore a different, untamed part of Africa within the confines of a cabin filled with all the luxuries you can expect in a standard luxury hotel or boutique. Regular stops midway in the town of Majisfontein and the Big Hole Diamond Mine in Kimberly would enable you to take sufficient breaks in between. Todo sobre toldos

Skeleton Coast Safaris

While in Kenya you definitely need to opt for the Skeleton Coast Safari; a journey that would take you into a different world altogether. Considered as no man’s land, the Skeleton Coast is an eerily isolated part of the Atlantic coastline that is strewn with wreckage from ships, whale bones, abundant seal colonies and scavenging vultures for miles on end.

The safari would enable you to fly in private aircrafts over the coastline and stop at regular intervals to explore the area. The Skeleton Coast Safari would also enable you to visit the Hoarusib and Kunene Canyons, enjoy an exhilarating boat ride in the crocodile infested waters of the Kunene River, visit an ancient Himba village community or explore century old caves filled with ancient rock engravings.

Wildlife Safaris

Kenya is not complete without its Wildlife Safaris and if you are looking for the best options, here they are.

The Great Migration

Adjudged my many as the greatest natural spectacle on earth, the Great Migration would involve the journey of thousands of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles through crocodile infested waters across the Serengeti and Mara plains.

Watch this spectacle in person with experienced guides who would take you to the spots that witness more animals and fewer tourists.

Botswana Elephants

If you love elephants, then the Botswana Elephant Safari is a must during your visit to Kenya. These safaris would take you to the breeding grounds of these magnificent creatures and let you enjoy wondrous sights of playful babies, watchful mothers

and rather inquisitive males who would come as close to the jeep as possible. You can also opt for boat safaris in addition to the normal vehicle safaris.

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Luxury Safari Vacations In Kenya

Luxury Safari Vacations In Kenya

Kenya is one of those places where you will find no dearth to luxury safari holidays. Often cited as the home of safaris by many travelers, Kenya offers a rang





Luxury Safari Vacations In Kenya
Luxury Safari Vacations In Kenya

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