Marilyn Monroe’s Estate Gives Big Thumbs Up Over Kim K Wearing Dress

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  Marilyn Monroe’s Estate Gives Big Thumbs Up Over Kim K Wearing Dress

Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic dress would probably be A-OK in the late icon’s book — so says her estate, anyway … flying in the face of what her self-proclaimed biggest fans are saying.

Nick Woodhouse — President/CMO of Authentic Brands Group, which runs Monroe’s estate — tells TMZ … he and his partners believe Marilyn would’ve been thrilled to have seen KK rocking her legendary gown to the Met Gala.

Marilyn Monroe’s Estate Gives Big Thumbs Up Over Kim K Wearing Dress

The fact it was once again at the center of fashion and pop culture all these years later is pretty astonishing in ABG’s eyes — and they tell us they think the late Monroe likely would’ve felt the same way.

As for Kim being the one to don the dress again … Woodhouse says there’s no better person for it, as he sees a lot of similarities between Marilyn and Kim — namely, the fact they’re strong, powerful and independent entrepreneurs who love being in front of the camera.

Now, if you’re wondering whether Kim ran this by the estate … the answer is no, but it doesn’t sound like she had to … as the dress technically belongs to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum — but it’s all good … because ABG says she went through the proper channels.

Even if she had gone to them for a blessing, we’re told the company would’ve easily given it to her — as the amount of shout-outs they’re getting now in the wake of the Gala is overwhelmingly positive, and it’s created a ton of new exposure to folks who might not know or remember Marilyn.

The reason this is significant … a handful of so-called Marilyn experts — including folks who’ve written books and produced documentaries about her — have chirped up en masse about Kim going full Marilyn … saying she wasn’t worthy, and that her doing so was a slap in the face to MM’s memory.

Not so, per ABG. All in all, they say Kim did Marilyn’s legacy a solid here — and they appreciate the nod.

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