Comfortable Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy




Pregnancy is the time when women keep growing along with your belly. Therefore, fitting clothes or remaining stylish all throughout the pregnancy is a distant dream for many.

Most women are forced to buy whatever is available on the shelves without checking if it suits them or not. With so many maternity brands to choose from, it is an utter shame to choose clothes that are ill fitting and not your style.

Maternity clothes that you choose must offer great comfort and convenience along with elasticity and fit. There are certain maternity clothes that are very essential during the months of pregnancy.


These clothes will ensure that you sail through the crucial months without spending much from your pocket. A few judicious choices will keep you well stacked and free from frequent visits to the shops.

Comfortable Demi Panels for Maternity Jeans

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Jeans have become a part of every woman’s wardrobe and hence you cannot completely abolish them during the maternity months. Perfect maternity jeans with wide elastic bands are available in all sizes and styles to indulge your fancy. The bands can be worn over your belly button or under them, which is more comfortable if you have a big stomach.

If you are looking at an economic solution to your jean needs, a demi panel would be the best solution. Demi panels can be worn from end of your first trimester to the ninth month without any alteration. They are also good for use a few months after your delivery when you would still have a paunch to take care of. Women who have had a C section would benefit the most from demi panels after delivery. The fabric is soft and would not hurt or constrict the wound which is at the healing phase.

Flexible Maternity Blazers

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Blazers are very good in acting as quick cover ups. So if your shirt is a little too tight around your belly or your bust line, throw a blazer over you to feel comfortable and very professional.

You can keep a variety of jackets with varying lengths to suit many occasions. It is also not a bad idea to carry a few light weight jackets that can go along with all your dresses, formal or casual. Long double buttoned blazers are good for pregnant women as they help keeping the growing belly camouflaged enough to avoid looking awkward.

You may also take a look at open blazers that give ample space for growing tummies. When you buy blazers, you can look for neutral shades that can go well with your basic pair of black trousers and also with your jeans for a casual Friday in the office. They are also helpful as casual outdoor wear when you find that none of your old jackets fit you anymore.

Efficient Maternity Empire Waists

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There are many reasons that make women sing praises of empire waistlines, especially during pregnancy. Empire waists mostly come with flares that are concentrated more towards the front, allowing lot of room for big bellies. There are a variety of things you can do with an empire waist to shift the attention from the waistline and hip. A wide belt at the empire line with elaborate bead work or embroidery will add interest to your dress and keep your bulging areas low key.

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Another reason to choose empire waists is that they can be used for a long time, well into your ninth month, if they have enough fabric around the waist. Empire waists can be retained even after your pregnancy as they are quite popular among plus sizes and ordinary women. The greatest attraction of an empire line is that they bring out the best pregnant figure out for all to admire. Empire dresses are available in a variety of styles and hence you will not have much difficulty choosing the one that fits your requirement.

Shirts with Front Buttons

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Button front shirts are a great necessity while your tummy is growing. Maternity shirts with front buttons come with extra room to accommodate your belly. They could have extra folds in the front panels to have ease of movement while you wear them. Button front shirts go well with blazers while you are in the office for a professional meeting. They can be worn on its own during hotter months and when you are on a casual day out.

You may choose basic colours like whites and neutral shades for shirts. They can also be worn unbuttoned if you wear a T- shirt underneath. What more, these shirts come of use during your breast feeding days and can be worn even after that with a few alterations at the side seam.

V- Neck Sweaters and T-Shirts

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V- Neck sweaters are easy to wear as there are no buttons or hooks to take care of. They offer a lot of room for expansion and can be worn until your date of delivery. The V neck too is the perfect neckline to flatter your pregnant body. They make you look leaner and taller. V neck T shirts too are great additions to your maternity wardrobe as they expand well and look good with blazers and jackets. These pieces of garments can be worn post delivery and after that as they have good elasticity to mould according to the body shape.

Windy Wrap skirts and Dresses

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The goodness of wrap dresses and skirts need not be emphasized as most of us know that it will come of help during maternity days and also for plus sizes in general. Stick to wrap styles if you have fluctuating weight or if you are growing faster than you anticipated. Wrap dresses can accommodate quite a lot of weight and will never go out of style whether you are in the maternity category or otherwise. Invest in some good styles which you can wear for a number of occasions.

Swingy Skirts and Elastic waists

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When you buy a skirt as maternity wear, the elastic bands offer great ease and comfort. Gypsy skirts with bold prints are great for summer and casual wear while you are pregnant. The wide flare around gypsy skirt could be a little more toned down to suit your height and waist. They can be worn with fitted tops and V necks T-shirts sweaters.

Many shops now offer adjustable elastic bands which can be adjusted with buttons as your grow or lose weight.  Elastic waists need not be thrown away after your maternity days. They can very well be used even after as they are suit all body types unless you are too short and stout. You may even preserve them for your future maternity days. Pregnancy is a wonderful feeling. Make sure you choose clothes that compliment your figure and offer great comfort.

Comfortable Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy

Comfortable Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when women keep growing along with your belly. Therefore, fitting clothes or remaining stylish all throughout the pregnancy is a distant





Comfortable Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy
Comfortable Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy

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