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  More Info On Bad Cop Ryan Wingo – Pro Sports Extra |

I don’t like doing blogs like this because I hate talking bad about someone doing a job that I’d never be able to do.

But once in awhile it has to be done. While I was scrolling on Facebook a video showed up and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Well actually I could.

I watched a police officer lie completely while the entire encounter was on video. And then he even falsely accused the veteran who he was detaining for no reason.

The Arkansas Time calls him: ‘One of America’s worst’ and he continues to do it.

He has a sketchy past. He had shot and killed a motorcyclist – which there happened to be no video of. Then during a BLM protest he shot someone repeatedly with beanbag projectiles and that man was Don Cook an attorney. Cook has had to get multiple surgeries!

Flip the page to watch the crazy video and learn more about officer Wingo and how he shot and killed a motorcyclist.

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