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It was a mountain resort for the Incas Kings. No it was a sacred temple for priestesses. No it was an astronomy observation center. It has been over 100 years since Machu Picchu was rediscovered and the archeologists are still arguing about it!

The History

Machu Picchu is an ancient Incas site located in the Urumbaba Valley in Peru. The word Machu Picchu means “Old Peak” in Quenchua language. Surrounded by holy mountains revered by the old Incas, this site is full of mystery, intrigue and centuries of history stamped in every block of its ruins.

The city was built around 1400 AD and the legends associated with this site have all hailed it as a holy ceremonial site. According to historians, the city was abandoned 100 years after it was built. The reasons for this can only be guessed. Historians opine that it could be because of the Spanish conquest, while some believe that the inhabitants died due to the spread of smallpox. The smallpox theory is however very unlikely because there is no evidence that Spanish Conquistadors ever visited Machu Picchu.


While the historians debate endlessly about the purpose of this city, it is agreed upon by everybody that this city was an important ceremonial center for the Incas Empire.

Discovery of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is often referred to as the “Lost City” but it was not exactly lost. The local population in Peru knew of this site for many years so technically in 1911, Hiram Bingham, an American Historian only rediscovered it and brought it to the world’s attention. Hiram Bingham was a historian who taught history and politics in Yale University and was not a trained archeologist. But his enthusiasm for discovering lost cities, led him deep into the Incas Empire where he discovered the present ruins of Machu Picchu. Though many others have claimed that they had visited the site even before Bingham discovered it, it was he who had first written about this in his book thus claiming a place in history.

The Site

Machu Picchu was built at a height of 2,430 meters above sea level and it has a pleasant view and atmosphere, which has led many historians to believe that Incas Kings might have used it as a resort. Apart from the allure of visiting a lost city, Machu Picchu is quite spectacular on its own right. You will find royal palaces, temples, baths, storage rooms and about 150 houses preserved in perfect condition.

Modern technologies can definitely not boast of anything finer than the construction seen here. Stones weighing almost 50 tons have been lifted and fitted so perfectly and precisely that you cannot fit a thin knife blade in between them! The Incas used a technique called ashlar, where the stones are cut to precision to fit each other without using any kind of mortar!

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At the highest point of Machu Picchu there are three high platforms that could have been used for religious and ceremonial purposes. There is also an astronomical observatory in Machu Picchu. The Incas used the Intihuatana stone (meaning ‘Hitching Post of the Sun’) to observe the movement of the sun. The Intihuatana stone was used to accurately predict the dates of equinox and other celestial events. Todo sobre videojuegos

The Intihuatana stone is a very sacred object for the Incas and the fact that it was found intact in Machu Picchu holds a lot of significance. This is proof that the Spanish Conquistadors never visited Machu Picchu because if they had then they would have surely destroyed tit as they did in other cites. According to old Incas legends, if the stone is broken or destroyed it means that the place has become unholy since all the Gods have died with the stone. According to legends, the Intihuatana stone is a powerful portal that can help you reach out to the spirit world.

In all, there are over 150 structures in this site comprising of royal places, temples, sanctuaries, parks and residences with thatched roof. There were also water fountains and a completed irrigation system that provided water to every house in the site. The road that the Incas built hundreds of years ago is still in use today and thousands of tourists walk on this road to reach Machu Picchu.

How to get there?

You can travel to Machu Picchu through train, or trek through the Incas trail. Most of the visitors prefer to take a train journey since it is a very picturesque journey. You can take a train from Poroy (Cusco) to Aguas Calientes (nearest town in Machu Picchu), and a local bus to the site. The Peru rail also runs a train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes.

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The Peru rail caters to all kinds for tourists right from backpackers to those who prefer the first class service. You will have the option to select from the following services – Backpacker Service, Expedition Service, The Vistadome Service and the Hiram Bingham Service. You will have to book your tickets well in advance if you wish travel by train.

You can also travel to Machu Picchu from Santa Teresa. This would be ideal for those tourists who wish to be adventurous and also economical. You can take a 5-hour bus ride from Cusco to Santa Maria (Jungle Town) where you will have to change into a mini-bus and ride up the valley for about one and half hours to reach Santa Teresa.

You can stay overnight at Santa Teresa and take a mini-bus or a car to Hidro-electrica (Hydro Electric Power Station). From here, you will have to walk on a 15Km railway track to Aguas Calientes from where, you can take a bus to Machu Picchu.

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For those adventurous ones who love to trek, you can take a four-day trek to Machu Picchu through the famous Incas trail.  There are many travel companies that organize the four-day trek from Cusco to Machu Picchu. You can book in advance for a group trekking through the internet or through travel agents.

No matter how you get there, you will cherish the memories of this lost city forever in your memories. Have a great trip!

Machu Picchu Travel Guide And Travel Information

Machu Picchu Travel Guide And Travel Information

It was a mountain resort for the Incas Kings. No it was a sacred temple for priestesses. No it was an astronomy observation center. It has been over 100 years





Machu Picchu Travel Guide And Travel Information
Machu Picchu Travel Guide And Travel Information

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