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Nassau – A Veritable Paradise

Nassau was originally a British harbor called Charles Town; it is now the leading city in the Bahamas. It has been beckoning travelers with its enchanting beaches and glorious sunshine for having a good time in this capital city of international glamour. The rich and famous from far and wide come here to explore this veritable paradise. Nassau is also the capital of the bustling island of New Providence and a close neighbor of Paradise Island. The gorgeous waters of the Ocean surround both islands.

Colonial past

Nassau’s colonial heritage is evident in various old forts, magnificent buildings with impressive facades some of which have been imaginatively restored as grand hotels.


Pair of bustling islands

New Providence and Paradise are two beautiful islands joined together by two bridges. They offer many tourist attractions like boating, sailing, swimming, different kinds of water sports and a variety of leisure activities of wining, dining and boutique shopping. Or, if you prefer, indulge in the absolute pleasure of doing nothing at all expect enjoying the bliss of just being there.

Glorious beaches and gorgeous waters

The tempting beaches of Nassau will, however, provoke you to sail to a secluded hideout and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing and fishing.

Family holiday

Drag your family along for an enjoyable holiday that you will cherish for a long time. Nassau offers excellent opportunities for having fun for people of all ages. Local people of Nassau love to tell stories. Join them with your family for sharing stories and spending an evening of cultural activities.

Turbulent past

This charming city of sun, sand and sea has a turbulent past. It was a notorious base for fierce pirates. Colonial rivals of Europe like Britain, France and Spain fought bitterly over its possession until the middle of the 18th century. The situation improved since then and Nassau became a favorite destination for international travelers in search of adventure and relaxation.

Tourist attractions

With over 300 years of colonial rule, Nassau has several tourist attractions of historical importance. Parliament Square, located in the heart of the city, is an impressive landmark. The Bahamian government’s secretariat and legislative houses are located in the colonnaded buildings constructed 200 years ago.

Old forts

Several forts were constructed in the 18th century for protecting the Bahamas from invading raiders. The largest of these is the Fort Charlotte built in the late 18th century. Surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge, massive ramparts and dungeons for prisoners, this fort is an embodiment of utter ruthlessness. Its awe-inspiring architectural design in the surrounding natural beauty of Nassau is stunning. blog sobre telescopios

Fort Fincastle is another landmark in Nassau. It was completed in the late 18th century and served as a check post for the lucrative Nassau harbor.

Getting around

The most enjoyable way to explore Nassau’s history is hire a surrey, which is a small horse-drawn cart that would take you on a relaxing tour of the downtown for a small price.

Novelties of Nassau

To get a glimse of Nassau’s notorious pirates, visit the Pirates of Nassau which is a historically accurate depiction of the piracy of the Bahamas.


Forget shopping malls and concentrate on outlets for local crafts in the Straw Market near the docks in downtown Nassau. Many items ranging from baskets to hats are made on the site.


Nassau’s nightlife is vibrant and vivacious. There are several great pubs just everywhere in Nassau and in the adjoining Paradise Island. The Charlie’s is one of the oldest and popular bars.


Of all the beaches in Nassau, the Cable Beach is the most spectacular where the Breezes Bahamas is located, within walking distance from Nassau’s exciting nightlife and glittering gambling dens. Here you will find all that you want to find in tropical hotel.

A veritable paradise

Come to Nassau and enjoy the exciting and superb attractions it offers. Enjoy watching dancing flamingos, swim with dolphins and visit its historic forts. Nassau will remain ingrained in your memory as a most enjoyable travel experience.

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    Travel Nassau

    Travel Nassau

    Nassau was originally a British harbor called Charles Town; it is now the leading city in the Bahamas. It has been beckoning travelers with its enchanting beac





    Travel Nassau
    Travel Nassau

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