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Children have their own way of describing what they see around them. They mostly express themselves through preschool art projects. Apart from teaching preschoolers the letters of the alphabet, numbers or word-object association, preschool art projects are common recreational or entertainment activities given to children.

Parents usually see the preschool activities of their children which include their artwork, clay sculptures, crafts, ceramic painting, etc, as their child’s native ability. Most of the preschool activities that children are engaged in are a simple expression of what the child sees around him and how he relates to it all.


Whatever children indulge in during their preschool years do not show their artistic inclinations but they are ways in which they share how they see objects, animals or for that matter anything, around them. It also indicates how the child interacts with those things in his innocence.

At this stage it is important for parents to appreciate the effort, the thought and the perseverance that their child is putting in the project. This helps to enhance the emotional and intellectual capability of their child. The most important thing for children is to feel accepted; they revel in the joy of being appreciated no matter how simple their creation may be.

You must never criticize your child. Instead you should encourage your child and offer to guide and support him through his endeavors. It is important to keep in mind that you must never compare your child’s preschool art projects with anyone else’s. That will upset your child and cause a lot of damage to his confidence. Always keep your child happy by encouraging him and appreciating his efforts. In this way you will be making sure that your child has a better future.

Activities For Preschoolers

Art projects which involve nature are fun for preschoolers. As most of the materials are usually found in nature the activities are also inexpensive. Nature art activities also involve collecting the materials needed for the art. These art projects are mostly done using materials that are found on the earth. This is done so as to ensure that the child remains connected to the mother earth. Let us take a look at some nature art activities that preschoolers may indulge in.

Leaf Rubs:

Take your children on a nature walk and ask them to collect different types of leaves. For making leaf rub pictures you need to use crayons, papers and leaves. Ask your child to place the leaves with veins up in between two white sheets of paper. Now hold the paper in place and ask your child to cover the leaves with crayon. This makes a fine art project which is suitable for all ages.

Bean Mosaics:

Artwork created with beans, seeds or pulses are a great way to connect your child to nature. Give the child containers filled with different types of seeds-of different shapes, sizes and colors. Also provide them with glue and paper. First ask the child to make a picture of their choice. They may make a person, an animal, a fruit, etc. After the picture is made, ask your child to stick the different seeds onto different parts of the picture. Recetas para Cookeo

Rain Sticks:

For this art project you will need paper towel tubes, toothpicks, uncooked rice, paint, paintbrushes, tape and glue. First you need to punch holes in the paper towel tubes. Ask your child to push the toothpicks into the holes. There should be holes present all along the paper towel tubes.

Both the holes of the poke must be glued together and be allowed to dry. Next you need to put a tape on one side of the roll to shut it, add rice and tape the other end too. Now paint the rain sticks and let them dry. Cut off the ends of the toothpicks which were sticking out. These toothpicks help to create the sound of rain as rice falls through them.

Egg Shells Mosaic:

You can also let your child crate a nice picture with eggshells. When you use eggs at home, clean the shells and keep it. Ask your child to make a picture or scenery on a piece of paper. Then crush the egg shells and ask your child to stick them onto the picture. Once that is done take paint and help your child paint the picture using appropriate colors.

Creating Aquariums:

Children are often fascinated with the ocean life theme as it contains a lot of fun filled colors and shapes. Make your child go through books containing pictures of ocean life so that they can take a look at various forms of life. You may also organize a trip to the local zoo or aquarium in order to observe the fish in the habitat.

After the trip you may assign a preschool art project to your child, which is based on fish and aquarium. You may help your child to create 3 dimensional sea creatures or you may even help them make an aquarium.

Clay Pot Snowman:

You can help your child make a cute snowman using clay pots, a wooden ball, some twigs, glue and buttons. First you need to get your child to paint the clay pot and the ball white. Once the paint has dried place the pot upside down and fix the ball on top of it. This is the snowman’s head. Now make the snowman’s face by fixing the buttons as eyes and nose. Then you can fix the two twigs to form the arms of the snowman.

Nature Notebooks:

Children enjoy making notebooks where they display things they around them or the things they collect. You can help your child create a nature notebook where he or she sticks the leaves or flowers created. Ask your child to collect different types of leaves and flowers of various shapes, sizes and colors.

Then you spread a thin layer of adhesive on the leaves and flowers and help your child stick them onto the notebook. Allow the glue to dry completely. These were some of the craft ideas for preschoolers. Remember it is more important to ensure that children enjoy the process instead of focusing on how well they do the task.

Nature Art Activities For Preschool

Nature Art Activities For Preschool

Children have their own way of describing what they see around them. They mostly express themselves through preschool art projects. Apart from teaching prescho





Nature Art Activities For Preschool
Nature Art Activities For Preschool

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