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Parenthood can be overwhelming at times, particularly if you are a first time parent. You need to prepare the essentials before your baby arrives, as this will make life easier for both you and your spouse.

You should draw up a newborn checklist of the items, which you need to have at home before your baby is born. Every family usually has different wants and needs when getting ready for the arrival of a new member of the family. However, the basic needs have to be mentioned properly in a newborn checklist and bought prior to the infant making his entrance in the family.

Items to Include in a New Born Checklist


Sleeping Essentials

A newborn will require a place to sleep after she or he comes home from hospital. You have to decide whether you want your newborn to sleep in a cradle or a bassinet next to you or whether you want him to sleep in a crib. These are items, which you should have in your newborn checklist before your baby comes home. If you are going to borrow or purchase second hand products then you need to check the company in the case of recalls.

Buying a crib is usually accompanied by the purchase of a mattress for the crib. Regarding bedding, your newborn checklist should have at least two to three bed sheets, four receiving blankets made of cotton and two waterproof pads. You will need to mention these items in your newborn checklist, as they will be necessary for swaddling your baby.

Basic Clothes

A newborn checklist should have the basic clothing items. Babies need plenty of clothing, so a lot of baby clothing must be purchased. The clothing items should be washed and kept away before your newborn arrives. As babies tend to grow very quickly, it is a good idea to buy only the most basic kind of newborn clothing. At least five to six one-piece must be bought. You should preferably buy both short sleeved as well as long sleeved, which will snap at your baby’s crotch.

You should also buy around six footie sleepers that are heavy enough for keeping your baby warm. However, these sleepers should not be so warm that they always make your baby fall off to sleep. You can purchase around eight comfortable outfits that your baby can wear in the daytime or when you are taking him out to meet friends and family. You should also buy six pairs of socks or booties, scratch mittens, as well as two or three baby caps. You can buy a heavy jacket or a sweater depending on the climate of the place where you live.

Bathing Requirements

Your newborn will have to be bathed, so having the bathing basics in your newborn checklist will make the bath time easier. You can buy an infant bathtub made of plastic. This will give your baby a safe place to sit while you give a bath to him or her. You should buy two or three soft baby washcloth packages and at least three hooded towels to assist in the bath time. You must buy baby shampoo, which can double as a baby body wash. You should also include baby lotion and baby oil in your newborn checklist. Your newborn checklist should also feature a nail clippers set, a brush and a soft comb. Remedios Naturales Caseros Trucos Y Consejos De Salud


Transportation Arrangements

When you are drawing up a newborn checklist, you need to jot down everything that you will need to ensure a smooth travel for your infant from hospital. You will need to choose the right car seat when bringing your infant home. Proper installation is also very important and therefore you need to buy car seat that can be installed quite easily. You should also buy car seat that will keep your baby secure and safe. Safety restraints should be foremost in your newborn checklist.

You must ensure that there are enough car straps, which will secure your infant properly in his seat. You must also make sure that the seat is very comfortable for your infant. You can buy a car seat, which has padding as well as neck and head support. The neck and head padding can be bought separately. They should also be removable from your car seat as your baby grows. Sunshades should be an important feature of your newborn checklist. You can have car sunshades hanging from your car window in order to protect your infant from the harmful rays of the sun.

Harness or Sling for Mobility

Your newborn checklist can include a sling or a harness by which you can hang your infant from your torso. This will make it quite easy for you to carry your baby around while you perform your errands.

Furniture Basics

Your baby will have special needs for lounging about in the house. Therefore, your newborn checklist should have the essential furniture items for a baby. These include a swing for the leisure time and a high chair for dining. You can also opt for buying a rocking chair. This could be helpful when you need to make your infant go to sleep.

Nursing Items

Some of the must have items of a newborn checklist are nipples and bottles. You should also have a nursing pillow, nursing bras, nipple cream and if necessary you can consider having a breast pump. You can carry a nursing cover-up with you when you take your baby out. This will give you privacy when you are breastfeeding your baby in public. You should also have bibs and burping cloths on your newborn checklist. These will be important for keeping your baby clean at meal times and after meal times.

Baby Monitor

You must mention a baby monitor on your newborn checklist. This will allow you freedom of movement from one part of the house to the other when your baby is sleeping. Thus, many things are there that you have to put down in your newborn checklist for a successful period of parenting. By having all these items in your newborn checklist, you will be able to take care of your baby in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Newborn Checklist For Taking Care Of Babies

Newborn Checklist For Taking Care Of Babies

Parenthood can be overwhelming at times, particularly if you are a first time parent. You need to prepare the essentials before your baby arrives, as this will





Newborn Checklist For Taking Care Of Babies
Newborn Checklist For Taking Care Of Babies

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