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Odd festivals celebrated around the world 1The world is a truly strange place waiting to be explored. In addition to offering a myriad of extraordinary locations and people, it also offers odd festivals celebrated by people in various parts of the world that need to be checked on by the curious traveler.

While most of these festivals are fun and gather huge crowds, some of them are brutal while others are outright weird. You would not want to miss out on these festivals for anything in this world. Here is a list of the oddest of festivals that can be found around the world.

Cheese Rolling Festival: A festival that is surely going to leave you with a sore neck if not a broken one! Celebrated in England, the Cheese Rolling Festival is something you would watch rather than take part in. Although the event has been banned, the participants have never observed the ban and don’t propose to do so in the near future as well.


Okay! Here’s how it goes. Officials set a big cheese wheel to roll down a steep slippery hill and participants scramble after it. The first one to catch it wins the competition and the cheese. Now how can you possibly overtake a cheese ball rolling down a hill at nearly 70 kmph let alone catch it you may ask. Officials found this to be an issue and changed the rules a bit. The participant who reaches the bottom first, headlong or upside down, wins the cheese. Simple? Well, try it out and you will know!

The Monkey Buffet: Now here’s a country that actually feeds monkeys to their heart’s content instead of chasing away the pesky creatures. Celebrated in Thailand, the Monkey Buffet is an annual ritual that brings together a whole lot of locals who offer fruits and vegetables to over 600 monkeys.

It’s a gala feast as the monkeys dig into almost 3000 kilograms of fruits and vegetables. The people of Thailand believe this is a way to honor the Monkey King called Hanuman who was a good friend and an ally of Lord Rama in the Hindu epic called Ramayana.

La Tomatina: Here’s your golden chance to get even with your friends who sprayed paint on you on your birthday. Celebrated in Spain, the month of August has nearly 250 pounds of tomatoes go down the drain in what is perhaps the largest tomato fight in the entire world. Ratones para gaming

The event is conducted in the town of Bunyol and attracts nearly 30000 tourists from around the world in addition to locals. One hour, truck loads of tomatoes and you are ready to go. The entire area is covered with slush, tomatoes and people covered in both within minutes. It’s a good time to have fun with friends and family and officials keep a sharp lookout for anyone trying to start a real brawl.

Tunarama, The Tuna Tossing Festival: Celebrated in Australia, this event is akin to the sport of disc throwing but with a difference. Here, you need to toss a tuna across a field. And believe us, the tunas are large. Carrying them in itself is a feat let alone throwing them. Till date, the world record for this competition is held by Sean Carlin who tossed the tuna over an amazing 37.23 meters in 1998.

The event is conducted in Port Lincoln as a part of a bigger celebration that takes place all weekend during Australia Day which falls on the 26th of January. Started in 1962, the celebration aims to promote one of the biggest industries in Australia, tuna fishing. Port Lincoln is also home to the largest tuna tannery in the country.

El Colacho, Baby Jumping Festival: This one takes the cake when it comes to wild celebrations. Celebrated in Spain, this annual ritual has fully grown men leaping over new born babies laid out on the ground.

Ever since 1620, the town has performed this ceremony in memory of the Corpus Christi festival. The act has men dressing up in Elvis Presley costumes and brandishing whips and sticks who leap over the babies, apparently to ward them off any evil.

Though a little dreaded to watch, the festival has its share of local and tourist spectators. If anybody in the crowd feels the need to be exorcised, he/she can gladly join the procession of babies and be leaped over by the men.

Odd & Interesting Festivals Around The World

The world is a truly strange place waiting to be explored. In addition to offering a myriad of extraordinary locations and people, it also offers odd festivals






Odd festivals celebrated around the world 1
Odd festivals celebrated around the world 1

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