Tips For Parents Before Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp




Summer camps are the most enjoyable period in any kid’s life and many schools organise them as soon as summer vacations start. After the pressure of studies this is the time when they have fun and feel fresh in summer camps.

Some camps are organised within the school campus and some are adventure summer camp trips where they take kids out for an outing. Here kids can have unlimited fun and can learn activities related to their hobbies. Summer camps boost their self confidence and they become more mature because of the experiences in the summer camps.


Activities in summer camps

The summer camps organised by schools within the campus are becoming more popular and in these camps various activities like sports and cultural activities, counselling sessions and arts and painting workshops are being held. There are various sporting activities too like football, basket ball, swimming and skating etc. There are yoga and aerobics classes too in these camps. For parents there is separate counselling sessions and parents of nursery students to teenager students can come for counselling.

It is not necessary that the child should participate in each and every activity; the child can choose the activities according to his interest and the time available. If you are sending your child to the adventurous summer camp then there are separate activities like rock climbing, rappelling, flying fox, Night safari, Tracking and hiking, rope course (commando crawl, commando net, Tarzan swing), hurdle, treasure hunt, bird watching, bon fire etc. These activities are chosen according to the child’s age and before these activities the children are taught yoga and warm up exercises.

Things parents should do

The child should be registered on time. They should take full information about the activities that are part of the summer camp. They should choose the activities according to the child’s interest. According to the selected activity they should take the list of the things that will be required by the child from the school.

If the child is getting enrolled in an activity like swimming then the parents should know about how many coaches and teachers will be there around the pool while the swimming training is given and they should check the safety measures too around the pool and check whether the swimming coaches are well trained or not. Always give a Tiffin box and water bottle to your child when he leaves for the summer camp. Since it is the responsibility of the parents to pick and drop the child so they should have proper transportation facility to send and pick the child on time to the camp.

Things to remember while sending child to the Adventurous Camp

Parents should know that which camp institute is taking their child for the adventurous summer camp. Never leave your child totally in the hands of school or camp, take the important phone numbers like the number of the camp and the website address. Take all the information related to the camp and the site where child will stay. Try to find out from website and experienced people about the best camping institutes. Check out what all things are important for any good camping institute. Find out who are the director and the instructor of the organising camp.


Good institute should have a certified instructor; it should not be like a cook of the camp is training your child. Try to know about all the activities they will organise and the safety measure they take for the child in all these activities. For a group of 8-10 children there is one teacher , so if total 80 students after going then there should be around 8-10 teachers accompanying them. Check the instruments and tools used during the activities; they should be of good quality and strong enough to support your child’s weight.

If your child is going to a cold place for the summer camp then check out the night temperature of that place. According to the weather keep clothes and other things in your child’s suitcase. The camping institutes send a list of things that will be required during camp; like torch, knife, warm clothes, socks etc. are there. Keep all the things mentioned in the list in the suitcase. Buy good quality tracking shoes for your child, otherwise there are chances of falling due to slipping while climbing. While tracking the longer the shoes the better it is for the child. Before stacking a lot of food to eat in child’s bag check out whether they have a canteen or not.

Find out if the canteen has good supply of food or not , if it is there then do not put too much eating stuff in the bag and increase the weight of the suitcase your child has to carry. Parents should ask for the whole day’s menu from morning breakfast till the dinner time. If your child does not like or is allergic to some food then tell the camp instructor and make the child also understand to stay away from that food. Tell the child that while tracking he should take small resting breaks in between and not to take off their sweater immediately after sweating.

Ask him to wait for some time and then if he still feels warm then only he should take off his sweater otherwise he will fall ill. Ask your child to follow all the rules and regulations of the camp religiously and do not fight with anybody in the camp. Give then some cash also so that if they want to buy something as a token from that place they can buy. If your child has heart problem or is scared of heights or water then let the camp instructor know about in advance, because the child might hide it from him to have fun and it might prove risky for the child.

After sending their child the parents should stay in touch with child through phone or website. If mobile does not work then they can talk on landline phone. Thus summer camp can be treated as the first step towards their carer as it tells us about their interest and hobbies and their hidden talents too. Children learn about team work, develop leadership skills and they learn how to boost their friends confidence too. SO this kind of fun is very useful for your child.

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Tips For Parents Before Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp

Tips For Parents Before Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp

Summer camps are the most enjoyable period in any kid’s life and many schools organise them as soon as summer vacations start. After the pressure of studies





Tips For Parents Before Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp
Tips For Parents Before Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp

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