Players Who Couldn’t Stand Michael Jordan

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 Players Who Couldn’t Stand Michael Jordan

Today, Steve Kerr is one of the best coaches in the NBA, guiding the Golden State Warriors to three NBA titles. Kerr is more famous as a coach than as a player, but he does have three rings he earned as backup guard for the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s, plus two rings with the San Antonio Spurs. Perhaps the toughest opponent he ever faced: teammate Michael Jordan.

After his nearly two-year NBA leave of absence to play baseball, Jordan returned to the Bulls’ 1995 training camp, no less driven than he’d been in the past. “Camp was insane, how competitive and intense it was,” Kerr told Vice Sports, and he felt Jordan’s wrath when he guarded him during a scrimmage. “Michael was just being incredibly physical,” Kerr said, but then things got “a little out of control” when, after coach Phil Jackson stepped out for a minute, Jordan got more aggressive and launched into the trash talk. At some point, Jordan’s unrelenting smart mouth and hard fouls became too much for Kerr to bear. “I started talking back,” Kerr said. “Then I started fouling him.” After trading elbows, Jordan exploded. “I was like the kid in Jurassic Park who got attacked by the velociraptor,” Kerr joked. Fists were raised, and Kerr got himself a black eye. Michael Jordan apologized via answering machine message, while Kerr said things were fine from then on. “Getting into that fight, I think I proved that I was tough, that I would stand up to him and I think he respected that.” It’s nice they’ve seemingly made up, at least. Frases botinas de amor, amistad, vida, inspiradoras, motivadoras Frases de la vida

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