President Biden Has COVID, Experiencing Very Mild Symptoms

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  President Biden Has COVID, Experiencing Very Mild Symptoms

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President Joe Biden is experiencing firsthand the COVID wave, because he caught the ‘Rona like millions of others.

According to The White House, Biden is experiencing “very mild symptoms.”

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He has been out in recent days stumping this week in front of big crowds, fighting for climate change laws. After his speech Wednesday, he mingled maskless with a bunch of people, also mostly unmasked.

The White House Biden is fully vaccinated and twice boosted, he is taking Paxlovid, which treats the symptoms of the virus.

The White House says Biden will isolate at The White House, but he will continue working. He will stay in isolation until he tests negative.

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joe biden South Lawn of the White House

The White House Medical Unit is contacting folks who came in close contact with the President.

joe biden

Biden was recently in Saudi Arabia, where The White House announced he would fist-bump, rather than shake hands, in an effort to avoid COVID. However, after taking heat for a fist-bump with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, he seemingly switched to shaking hands with other leaders.

Biden’s last test for COVID was Tuesday, when he tested negative.

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