Prince Harry’s Transformation Is Causing A Stir

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  Prince Harry’s Transformation Is Causing A Stir

Today, Prince Harry is 36, married, and a father, living far from England in California, removed from royal life, and apparently ready to burn it all down.

Harry has evolved into his final form, model husband and A+ ally, going head-to-head with his entire family to defend his wife, Meghan Markle, from racism and cruelty, to the point of actually leaving the only life he has ever known behind. In the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey on CBS, Harry confirmed that certain members of his family had raised concerns over their son Archie’s skin-tone before he was born, and that they refused to protect his wife from the ravages of the British tabloids, who were eager to paint her in a villainous light.

He also said that Meghan saved his life “without question,” by showing him a way out of the royal life, where he said he felt “trapped” without knowing it. But Meghan disagreed, saying he was the one who saved them, by getting her and their son out of the royal spotlight to protect them.

And now everyone is crying.

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