Causes And Symptoms Of Pregnancy Fatigue




Fatigue experienced during pregnancy is called pregnancy fatigue.  It is a common symptom of pregnancy .It is experienced by every pregnant woman especially during her first and last trimester.

However; some woman experiences it through out her pregnancy cycle.
There are various reasons for it but it differs from one pregnant woman to another.  No two individuals are same and hence the quantum of pregnancy fatigue also differs. Pregnancy leads to major hormonal changes in a woman’s body.  During this period, there is an increase in the level of progesterone .It is considered to be one of the major reason for pregnancy fatigue.


During the initial few months, many woman experiences vomiting and nausea.  This drains out the energy of a pregnant woman and thus accounts for her pregnancy fatigue.  It is even considered to be one of the symptoms of pregnancy. A pregnant woman experiences turmoil of emotions like excitement, anxiety, depression etc.All this also accounts for pregnancy fatigue.

During pregnancy a woman has sleepless nights.  This is basically either due to her uncontrolled emotions or frequent urination .Sometimes, a pregnant woman gets over exhausted by doing daily house hold chores or office work.  As a result she feels tired and hence fatigue. Women are generally found to be anemic and this probability increases all the more during pregnancy.  So, anemia is also one of the very common reasons for causing pregnancy fatigue.

By last semester of pregnancy, the women body undergoes lots of biological and physical changes.  A woman gains weight and her abdomen expands etc.All these leads to various discomforts like,

She is unable to sleep properly,Has to  go to toilets frequently, Back ace due to weight gain, Heart burn, Restless, Leg cramps etc.

Because of these discomforts (caused due to physical changes), a pregnant  woman is unable to sleep peacefully.  As a result she feels tired and fatigued.
It’s very important for a pregnant woman to understand her body .

She should never over exert herself but instead she should be able to understand her limitations during that period.  Fatigue is inevitable during pregnancy but it can definitely be lowered .Some of the common and easy ways of handling fatigue are mentioned below.

Sleep and nap during day time

A pregnant woman gets tired very easily and a small nap is the best way to remove this tiredness.  Whenever a pregnant woman feels tired or sleepy, she should take a nap.  It not only provides rest to the entire body but also rejuvenates the mind.  As a result after small sleep or nap, a pregnant woman feels more relaxed and active.

However, working women have to spend the entire day in their office.  It becomes difficult for them to sleep during office hours.So; they should try and take permission from their bosses to take rest for 10-20 minutes after lunch.  During this time, they can always close their eyes; lay their head on their table or in lunch room etc and relax. Therefore, during pregnancy take rest whenever your body demands.


Eat smaller meals throughout the day

During pregnancy, it’s very difficult to eat the complete meal in one go.  It leaves you heavier and develops vomiting tendency.So; it’s always advisable to eat small frequent meals throughout the day rather than one full complete meal.  Small frequent meals provides the body of a pregnant woman with  the right amount of energy needed during  the entire  day .It thus helps her to stay active .It  forbids the probability of tiredness or sudden drop in sugar level.  However, while doing so its important to eat a well balanced and healthy nutritious diet. Todo sobre videojuegos

Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration is one of the reasons for fatigue .So; every pregnant woman should drink lot of fluids to keep herself hydrated.  During day time, she should consume at least 7-8 glasses of water.  It helps to keep her hydrated and energetic.

Fluids in any form like soups, juices, milk shakes etc are great source of keeping hydrated.  A pregnant woman who exercise or jog regularly to stay active should consume some extra amount of fluids to keep herself hydrated.  Fruits or vegetables which have high water content are also excellent sources to keep pregnant women hydrated.

Exercise regularly

Exercise in any form helps to keep a pregnant woman healthy and active. Exercise in moderate form or jogging or walking always helps to boost the energy level of a pregnant woman.  Beside this, it improves blood circulation, releases hormones called endorphins, and thus makes a pregnant woman feel happy and cheerful.  Regular exercise during pregnancy helps a pregnant woman in number of ways like,

It helps to keep her body fit and tone for delivery and labor.
It helps to keep diseases like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes etc in control.
It helps to loose pregnancy weight and get back in shape after delivery.

However, every pregnant woman should always consult her doctor before starting her exercise regime.

Keep pregnancy weight in control

Every pregnant woman gains weight during her nine months.  It is a natural process and a healthy sign of pregnancy.However, when a pregnant woman gains weight suddenly, it is not considered to be healthy.  So, every pregnant woman should keep a check on her pregnancy weight .There should be gradual increase in her weight gain.

Eat fewer sweets

Sweets give instant boost of energy.  But later, when the sugar level goes down, it makes you feel depressed and sad.Therefore, pregnant woman should avoid eating sugary products or sweets.  Instead she should eat healthy food which provides her stable energy.

Hire a helping hand

Various developments take place inside the body of a pregnant woman.  During this period, her body is working throughout the day .So, a pregnant woman gets tired very easily.Therefore, it’s always recommended to get easy on you.  Hire or ask for a helping hand to get the household work done.  A pregnant woman should never hesitate to ask for help from other family members or maids.

Get a pregnancy pillow

Getting a peaceful sleep during pregnancy is very difficult.  It becomes all the more difficult as she gradually gains weight.  So, a pregnant woman should buy and use pregnancy pillow to provide support to her back.  It also helps to remove leg cramps and thus promotes a good night’s sleep. Fatigue is one of the way of indicating body’s tiredness.A tired body demands some rest .So,during pregnancy of nine months,listen to your body’s indications and do not over exert yourself.Take rest immediately.

Causes And Symptoms Of Pregnancy Fatigue

Causes And Symptoms Of Pregnancy Fatigue

Fatigue experienced during pregnancy is called pregnancy fatigue.  It is a common symptom of pregnancy .It is experienced by every pregnant woman especially d





Causes And Symptoms Of Pregnancy Fatigue
Causes And Symptoms Of Pregnancy Fatigue

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