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If you are traveling to South Africa for a holiday, make it a point to save up some extra money to travel aboard the Rovos Rail. For there is no other way to capture the splendor of all of South Africa in one trip. Better yet, you get the chance of a life time to travel in one of the most luxurious trains on Earth.

Trust us; it would be the perfect gift for your partner. It’s not just a single day of travel that we are talking about but a total of up to 13 days that you get to spend, treating yourself to world class accommodation and service, while passing through some of the most beautiful places in South Africa.

Three in number (including the Edwardian train), the Rovos trains start off from or end their journey at the Capital Park Station. What was previously an old locomotive shack is now a grand private station, with a museum and a restoration team that caters to discarded engines and cars. The refurbished coaches reflect the period in which they were used and are added to the existing carriages. As of now, there is provision to accommodate a total of 72 passengers in each of the trains.


The length of the trips around South Africa varies in distance and region. Most of the itineraries pass through the towns of Pretoria, George, Durban, Namibia, Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Kruger Park and some of South Africa’s best golf destinations.

The Capital Station:- As said before, the Rovos trains travel in both directions. Hence your journey may start from or end at Capital Station, which is located North of Pretoria. Built in 1943, the shed was primarily used to house a number of steam engines. Today, the shed is the private property of the most luxurious train on earth and stretches over 56 acres of offices, workshops and coal chutes along with a railway museum.

The Coaches:- The prime motive of Rovos Rails was to not use new locomotives but refurbished old ones. Hence, each of the 53 coaches of 3 trains has its unique narrative. The coaches have been carefully remodeled in order to not lose their originality and even the interiors of the coach speak volumes about its origin and history.

The 2 standard Rovos Rails consist of 20 carriages each with a passenger seating of 72 while the third Edwardian train consists of 13 coaches and occupancy of 42 passengers.

There are 2 dining coaches in the middle of both trains to cater to passengers. The highlight of the trains is an Observation Car at the rear end. The coach is a non smoking area and has large picturesque windows in addition to balconies to let you take in the amazing scenery that pass by. There is also a Lounge car with a Gift Shop which also happens to be a non smoking zone.

The Rooms:- Each of the rooms on the Rovos rails is a suite and provides the utmost in luxury and sophistication to its travelers. All standard suites are air conditioned and you have the option of choosing a room with two separate twin beds or a single large double bed. In addition to a custom fitted bathroom, you also have access to a personal safe; a well stocked mini bar and 24 hour room service.

If you opt for a Royal Suite, you will be given a comparatively larger room which has a private lounge and a state of the art Victorian style bath in addition to a separate shower in the bathroom. Știri de ultimă oră din Spania

Deluxe Suites are again bigger and provide the same facilities as a Royal Suite. The other form of accommodation is the Pullman Suite where the bathroom has the same features as in the deluxe suite. However, there is a bunk bed with an upper bunk and a lower one. The lower bunk can be converted into a sofa if needed.

Cuisine:- A 13 day journey can get you tired pretty quick if you are provided with the same food options every day. Hence, a dedicated team of cooks on board the train work round the clock to provide you with mouth watering delicacies in addition to local and international dishes. The dining cars are furnished Victorian style and exude elegance. Mornings are complemented with breakfasts and a choice of dishes. Lunches and Dinners comprise of appetizers followed by vegetarian, meat or sea food, coupled with some of the best wines of South Africa.

Dress Code:- Depending on the occasion, travelers are required to dress in either formal wear or casual dresses, with a choice of sun hats in case of land expeditions.

Special Excursions:- It is also possible to charter all three of the Rovos trains for special purposes like family gatherings, business conventions, historical and cultural tours. These trips range from a few hours to a few days, 2 day trips being the most sought after.

Accordingly, single day excursions involve a tour around the entire region and the surrounding towns. Two day charters include visits to the Sun City, fishing in the city of Dullstroom and game viewing in Malelane. The charters have different prices depending on the number of coaches required for the trip, number of passengers, and the distance involved in the trip.

Customer Service:- The staff of Rovos Rails take it as a personal task to make your trip as memorable as possible. You will feel pampered as you are personally welcomed either by the owner or the employees at the station.

Don’t worry about the luggage, for they will be beautifully tagged with Rovos Rails labels and be automatically transported to your suite. This gives you ample time to lounge by the platform and meet fellow passengers as you drown some champagne and get lost in the soulful music played by an orchestra.

So come aboard the Rovos rail and get ready to be pampered with luxury and world class service. After all, you don’t get a chance everyday to live life the Royal way.

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  • Rovos Rail

    Rovos Rail

    If you are traveling to South Africa for a holiday, make it a point to save up some extra money to travel aboard the Rovos Rail. For there is no other way to c





    Rovos Rail
    Rovos Rail

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