Sad Details About Melinda Gates’ Life

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  Sad Details About Melinda Gates’ Life

As Melinda Gates said on “CBS Mornings,” it “wasn’t one specific thing” that led to her divorce from Bill Gates. Rather, it was a finale that was years in the making. Bill allegedly felt the relationship had become “toxic,” and even sought Jeffery Epstein’s advice on how to end the marriage, per the Daily Beast. Apparently, things progressed to the point that they became strangers under the roof. “There were rumours in Seattle, going back four or five years, that they were each living in different wings of the mansion,” a source told the Independent after news of the divorce broke. Vpcok Freidora Sin Aceite Recetasindex.html

While one might assume a couple as well off as Bill and Melinda would avoid divorce because they don’t want to go through the process of divvying up their riches, experts say their immense wealth might’ve made the decision to call things off easier. “When people have loads of alternatives, including financially, they are going to find it easier to let go when the distance has grown too large,” marriage researcher Scott Stanley told Time, noting that having more money at their disposal means “fewer constraints on staying together” when the going gets rough.

We may never know what goes on behind closed doors, but it does sound like Melinda is a lot happier now. “I’m in a really good place,” she said during the aforementioned CBS interview. “And I’m really, really excited about my life and about the world [and the] work ahead.”

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