Safe Exercise During Pregnancy




Many women are quite worried about increased weight during pregnancy. Though pregnancy is a very beautiful phase in the life of a woman, yet a rise in weight every day can put a lady into great stress.

Being overweight is what is not at all accepted by the modern woman! Women are tremendously cautious about their appearance and feel very awkward during the pregnancy phase because of extra body weight.  It is true that in order to keep in good physical condition, people follow various kinds of workout plans and diet plans.

The same rule can be applied during pregnancy too! Exercising during pregnancy can be of massive support in keeping the weight under control. However, most of the pregnant ladies are worried about the fact that doing exercises during pregnancy can prove to be risky for the baby.  This concern of the mothers regarding their unborn child is quite natural.


But, there are certain safe exercises for pregnancy, which can be followed on regular basis, so that extra body weight is not put on. Here we are going to discuss about certain tips which a pregnant woman should keep into mind with respect to exercises. Also, we shall throw some light on a few safe exercises which can be carried out during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Exercises- Precautionary Measures

Here follows some of the precautionary steps that a pregnant lady should take during the pregnancy period.

Take advice of doctor

Before going in for any exercises during pregnancy, the lady should first seek the advice of her gynecologist or healthy care practitioner to determine the suitability of exercises, taking into consideration her health.

Avoid risky sports

It is recommended for pregnant ladies to avoid indulging themselves into dangerous sport activities, so as to prevent any kind of risk for the baby.

Wear lose clothes

Pregnant women should wear lose fitting clothes in order to provide adequate space for the baby to grow properly.

Drink more water

For preventing excess weight during pregnancy, it is essential that all the toxins are flushed out properly from the body. In this case, ladies should make it a point to consume ample water on daily basis to keep their digestive system healthy and fit.

Be active

Moving all the time and doing small works on their own would keep the lady in good health. , A few examples include getting up and taking water, turning on and turning off the TV, and opening the door if the door bell rings.

Be careful

It is advised to be very slow and careful while getting up from floor. Any kind of wrong movement may be risky for baby’s health.

Take right position

Lying flat on the back should be avoided. By keeping in mind the tips given above, pregnant ladies would be able to prevent weight gain and live a healthy and safe pregnancy.


Exercises for Pregnancy

Apart from keeping in mind the tips given above, the following workouts have been considered to be beneficial in preventing excess weight gain, except the weight of the baby, among pregnant ladies. Juguetes infantiles: Tienda Gormiti, Monster High, Trompos Cometa, BeyBlade, Bakugan y muchos más


One of the most beneficial exercises during pregnancy is walking. Pregnant women ought to make walking as a habit in their daily routine. They should go for a walk daily for half an hour in the morning and in the evening, so that their metabolism level remains enhanced, and they are capable of carrying their baby healthily. Also, regular walking would help in maintaining optimum body weight, and prevent excessive weight gain.


The benefits of yoga with respect to pregnant women cannot be denied. Yoga has been into limelight for several years and has been proven to be quite effective for pregnant ladies with regard to maintaining their energy level and optimum weight of the body. So, a yoga practitioner should be consulted to learn about the yoga positions which can be of colossal help in keeping the pregnant ladies in good physical health.


Pilates is also considered to be a good choice for pregnant women. In this fitness technique, mind is used in a skillful way to keep the muscles and body in good health. The flexibility, control and strength of the body would be significantly improved with the aid of Pilates as a crucial form of exercise during pregnancy. Also, this form of exercise assists in maintaining appropriate coordination between arms, legs, abdominals and back.


Swimming is one of the most ideal forms of exercises during pregnancy, as it not only helps in providing cardiovascular benefits to the pregnant lady, but also assists in improving the muscles of a woman. The lady would feel extremely light weight while doing swimming in spite of the weight of the baby that she carries.


Aerobics is a fun way of remaining in good body shape. An interesting fact about low impact aerobic exercises is that they follow a consistent and steady time slot, with each and every movement being quite safe.


Women really love to dance. There is no harm in dancing during pregnancy. A few women believe that dancing can be risky. However, you can enjoy dancing as long as there are no lifts and jumps. So, you can enjoy the steps and music of dancing during pregnancy and stay fit.


This is a safe form of pregnancy exercise which should be carried out for ten to fifteen minutes on daily basis as it would assist in keeping you relaxed and fit. Also, this exercise would help in preventing strain in muscles and would keep the body healthy. By exercising appropriately during pregnancy, you would notice immense improvement in your health and would also be able to deliver the baby safely.

The delivery of the baby would be facilitated if a woman continues exercising during pregnancy. Also, labor pain at the time of delivery would be significantly reduced and the baby would be born without much pain. So, pregnant women ought to follow the exercises for pregnancy as discussed in this article, to ensure safe birth of the baby and to prevent extra weight gain.

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Many women are quite worried about increased weight during pregnancy. Though pregnancy is a very beautiful phase in the life of a woman, yet a rise in weight e





Safe Exercise During Pregnancy
Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

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