Science Has Proven That Slapping Someone To Death Is Possible

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  Science Has Proven That Slapping Someone To Death Is Possible

In order to figure out what is required to deliver a slap that kills someone, the first step is understanding how much force a human can deliver. As Live Science explains, trained boxers — who, it bears noting, are in peak physical shape and are trained in delivering as much force as possible via their punches — can produce a force of about 5,000 newtons. Of course, how much power a non-boxing adult can muster up is going to be far less.

Regardless, it’s not necessarily the blow to the head, directly, that can result in death. When struck, such as with a punch or slap, the head will often abruptly turn. In cases of a really, really solid punch — the type that results in your head accelerating from 0 to 43,000 rpm instantly — it can be a much bigger deal than an ordinary playground slap. Around 25% of those kinds of severe, neck-whipping hits can render the victim unconscious.

It was that sudden turning of the head that led to the death of a Canadian girl in 2010, as the Daily Mail reports. 13-year-old Noutene Sidime’s father slapped her so hard, and her head turned so violently, that she ruptured an artery in her neck. In another case of death by slapping, reported by the New York Daily News, a teenager slapped an Italian tourist so hard that he fell to the ground and suffered a severe concussion, and died two days later.

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