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Shopping madness in Kolkata

Every metro city dweller will have her/his favorite shopping destination. More often than not, it will be the city she/he resides in. This blog is all about shopping madness in Kolkata.

There are lots of places in Kolkata, only the locals know about. They are not big brands, you will not find massive billboards all over the country. And, you will not be unsatisfied with their products. In fact, they are exclusive , long lasting and more often than not, easy on the pocket.

The shopping spree has to start with Hogg’s Market or New Market, as it is popularly known. This place stocks immense variety of … everything. Clothes, shoes, jewellery, soft furnishings for your home, flowers , fish and poultry and baked products. The best part about this market is that bargaining is allowed in most shops.


However, there are a few shops which are pretty exclusive. Right at the entrance of the market, there are a few Chinese shops which sell handmade leather shoes. If you like classic cuts in shoes, this is the place. The vareity is immense and they last forever.

Silver and junk jewellery sold by Tibetian refugees is another exclusive here. As is leather bags, sold in tiny unpretentious  shops which seem to end as soon as they begin. There are lots of shops around New Market which sell leather goods. You cannot miss them as they are always crowded.


Another popular shopping destination is called Gariahat market. This is where you get everything from expensive sarees to jewellery to downright cheap stuff. Lot of shops sell terracotta jewellery. This variety is rarely found anywhere else in the city.

There are some exclusive boutiques in the Gariahat area. They sell hand block printed silk and cotton sarees and materials. Those prints are very exclusive to that place and can rarely be found anywhere else.

Swabhumi is modelled on ‘Delhi Haat’. It has followed the model of an Indian ‘haat’ or weekly market. Only here, exquisite hand looms and handicrafts are sold by artisans themselves. All kinds of Bengal artifacts can be found here, especially ‘Kantha’ and ‘batik’ work. Swabhumi has lots of food stalls as well. Ratones para gaming

Dakshinapan Market is a popular haunt for lot of youngsters from nearby colleges. This place is full of State Emporiums from all the states in India. The uncommon ones would be emporiums for the North-East states of India. All the Emporiums are very well stocked and sell their wares at affordable rates.


Kolkata is a very popular destination for all kinds of traditional Indian sarees. The best stuff comes to Kolkata first - be it ‘Benarasi’ or ‘Kanjivaram’ silk sarees. There is a lot of demand and appreciation for traditional stuff in this city and you can find it at super cheap prices as compared to the other metros.

So, Kolkata is the place for all your classic and traditional needs. And, if there is a thing as satisfactory shopping in any metro in India, it has to be Kolkata.

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    Shopping in Kolkata

    Shopping in Kolkata

    Every metro city dweller will have her/his favorite shopping destination. More often than not, it will be the city she/he resides in. This blog is all about sh





    Shopping in Kolkata
    Shopping in Kolkata

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